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Friday 3 May 2013

Teddy T Party

Wonder what is happening with my Teddy Bear Tea Party Quilt? Here is the scoop....

When last seen, this project was not looking its best and I was feeling really despondent about having to use the seam ripper for a bit of reverse sewing. See here if you missed that post.

One of my goals for April was to get this out of the way for once and for all.  Off came all the sashing and off came all the piping that just wasn't working for me.

Then I carefully pressed all the sashing and using tweezers, I carefully plucked out all those little bits of thread.

ready to be used again as I may not have enough of this fabric to finish the project if I don't re-use this sashing.
Now I am at the stage of sewing all the little peepers on the blocks.  I am doing this block by block, row by row instead of doing all the blocks first then joining the rows.  i am loving the new pink.

Eventually, one whole row is sewn together....OH BOTHER.......I have just spotted another error!!


  1. your blocks are looking good Cathy,its always good to get that reverse stitching out of the way.xx

  2. I hate reverse stitching so I feel your pain. Hang in there. Your blocks are looking great. hugs

  3. Love the new fabric although I though the other was nice as well. It is bugging me though as I cannot see the error in the bottom picture!!!! Don't give up...it is going to be beautiful!

  4. Oooh I love those blocks! Good on you though for all that reverse stitching...it can't have been easy!

  5. I can't see any error either , looked twice but nothing , it looks great to me !

  6. Unpicking is horrid! But I love the new pink fabric with it, looking pretty!


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