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Sunday 5 May 2013

Blooming Beauty - Botanic Gardens

As promised here is the post of our walk last Sunday.

It is only a few weeks since we visited here but boy, there was so much to photograph and it is such a lovely place to walk.   Be prepared for photo overload.

After smelling the last of the summer roses, we walked along the paths which led us up to the look out with spectacular views of the city. I had to take this photo with my phone camera as I did not have my zoom lens with me.

and a walk around to the Freedom Wall with plaques of fallen soldiers from all the wars.  As it was Anzac Day recently, there were still sprigs of Rosemary and poppies stuck between the names.

 And here is what I saw on our walk through the garden paths.  I should know the names of these plants but I missed some of them or can't remember the latin genus name. If I know the name (common and garden variety), I will put below picture.

Bird of Paradise
There were also some amazing shrub/tree specimens
Bunya Pine - a local giant
Zamia Nut (Dinosaur food)

Hope you enjoyed the walk with me.



  1. Some really lovely pictures.... thanks for the walk in the park!!

  2. What some beautiful and unusual (for me) plants and trees! Love the dinosaur food plant.

  3. i had a lovely walk with you Cath,enjoy your day.xx

  4. Yes I loved the walk with you Cath. Lovely photos you took!

  5. I enjoyed my walk with you Cath - more please!

  6. Fabulous garden walk... thanks. I'm in love with that dinosaur food plant too... the colour is fabulous. Wonder if it'll grow in Scotland. Shouldn't think so... shame.


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