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Wednesday 29 August 2012

Getting closer to the end

A finish.....at last!

A few stitches

add a couple of noses and Nose Shine

and Block 10 of "Teddy Bear Tea Party" is done

Now only two more till I can put this quilt together.

Have a good day!

Tuesday 28 August 2012

What's going on this Tuesday?

Tuesday is the day I usually manage to get some sewing done.....so did I today? Well, yes, actually I did.

I popped over to my sewing group at Apatchy Quilting, Clayfield and did some work on "My Garden".  I really just needed a break from Farmyard  Frolics. With not much time this morning I snatched up two  project boxes and this is what I stitched.

This afternoon, I spent some more time in my sewing room and thought it was about time I got my project boxes up to date.

My Edwardian House WIP badly needed another block to be prepared so I set to it.  I have all the blocks now even though I am only up to Block 3.....then why did I transfer block 4 to work on?? Who knows.....oversight, I guess.

And the stitching will continue this evening as I give this block from Teddies Tea Party some finishing touches.

And that was my Tuesday.....thank you for visiting!

I am still working on these on Wednesday too so linking in to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.  Do you have something to share today as well or just want to see what everyone else is up to?

Sunday 26 August 2012

Sunday Blessings

I haven't done this for a couple of weeks so here is my overdue Sunday Blessings.

  Every morning I follow the same ritual and the first step is saying hello to my beautiful furbabies. I am greeted by wagging tails and lots of running in circles.  When I have fed them their breakfast biscuit, I have a little cuddle and play with them.

This morning hubby took pictures of me having cuddles with my girls with bed hair, PJ's and all so don't look too closely!!

The photo's today are from around my garden like this first rose of the season.

and these blossoms from our Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow shrub. I really wish I could share the perfume of these flowers with you.  Such a heady smell.....I love it.

Have a wonderful week everyone and look for the beauty around you.

Saturday 25 August 2012

Love you mum ♥........Awww!

Today was Ted's birthday and he turned 23 which is exactly half my age! Since big brother Red is away working and little sis, Miss M is in Italy, hubby and I decided to keep it simple and took him out to afternoon tea at the Mt Cootha Lookout.

Ted had Pear and Rhubard crumble with cream and Hubby and I had Citrus cheesecake and Carrot cake which we shared (we always do that!)

Great coffee, yum cakes, company of those I love and of course....that view

It might have been his birthday but this is the message I found on my facebook page this morning: "Thank you for 23 years of love and guidance. As much your day as mine. Love you mum ♥" I had a huge lump in my throat when I read that. So sweet and thoughtful.

I also spent a little time today sorting out more of my fabrics.  If you read my blog on Tuesday, you would have seen the beginning of this project and then I spent the whole of Wednesday continuing to iron and fold fabric. Today, I started to sort the fabrics into some sort of order.  I got one shelf completed

 Might have it finished sometime next week.


Wednesday 22 August 2012

Stash Tidy up & FaFF

I have spent the afternoon and evening doing something that is long, long overdue. I attacked my stash chaos with a determination to get it organised. I had so much fun playing with my fabric and finding fabrics that I totally forgot I had. Like this one which is so inspirational for what I want to achieve!

 I found a couple of blogs a few months ago that showed how to make mini bolts using comic boards......I have never heard of these and not sure where to even look for them here. I tried buying them over the internet but the postage would have broken my monthly budget so I had to have a good think about what to use as a replacement.

I scoured Officeworks earlier today looking for something suitable but all I could find was  these letter files which even though a fairly sturdy plastic, they are still a little flimsy but I think I can make them work.

I will have to head back tomorrow to buy some more so I can finish the job .  Let me just show you some of my favourite fabric that I have found so far.

how about this one that looks like it has been knitted.

I have had this fabric for years but could only get just over 0.5m so want to make sure I get the perfect project.  It is one of my favourites.

 Mmmmm....just realised they are the same colours.  I also found this block but couldn't for the life of me remember making it.  I then realised it was Miss M that sewed this block.  Wonder if she remembers what she was going to make.

isn't is cute!
 After about 4 hours I went from this mess

to this.....mind you, this is only three of those drawers. The ones on the middle shelf are my fat quarters folded and grouped.

Once I have all my fabric on 'bolts', I will group them into colours, batiks, patterns etc. so come back and take a look later.

If you are linking in from Sew Many Ways - Find a Friend Friday, thank you for visiting and I would love for you to leave me a comment and say hi.

Till next time,


Sunday 19 August 2012

La-di-da Ladies

Today was such a lovely day. I got to spend it with friends from work to celebrate my dear friend, Helen's, birthday. She booked us in to a High Tea at the Stamford Plaza Hotel in Brisbane.

 We arrived a little early so had a drink while we waited. This is a Virgin Mojita ...... doesn't it look refreshing! No alcohol for me as I had to drive later.

Just a small selection of the beautifully made food
Thats me second from the left and next to me (3rd from left) is Helen.
Right now, I feel like I never want to eat another morsel ever again (guess I overindulged at little) but it was a lovely afternoon out.....good food, good company and lots of laughter.

Hope you all had a terrific weekend.

Wednesday 15 August 2012

Day out at the Ekka

For those of you not from Brisbane, the Ekka is the colloquial name given to our Royal Queensland Agricultural Show. I haven't been to the show for near on 12 years so it was a real treat to go with my dear friend, Helen.

 Just want to share some of my favourite photos for the day.
I could have eaten more than one of these gorgeous apples! So much better than candy floss.
believe it or not.....these flowers are made out of icing sugar
My favourite iced cake
this gorgeously smocked girls dress had me swooning!

  Oh, and the quilts......better not forget to show them.
hand pieced and hand quilted.
beautiful blues
This was my favourite.....I just loved the blue hues.
All in all we spent 6 hours at the show. Wandered around the food pavillion sampling various goodies and treating ourselves to stawberries dipped in chocolate served on a kebab stick.  Mmmmmmmm! We took every opportunity to pat the dogs, cats, sheep, cows and horses. Viewed the quilts, cakes, crafts and paintings and even came home with a showbag each.

All in all, an awesome day at the Ekka!


Tuesday 14 August 2012

Tuesday Treasure - Paris in the Summer

Miss M is enjoying herself in Paris as we speak. It is just over a year that we were there together..just the two of us..and we thoroughly had the most amazing time together. I am not sure many 20 year olds would have wanted to travel to Paris with their mums for the first time but she is not at all like many other girls her age and we share an incredible bond of friendship.

 I got a facebook message from her the other day wondering where "the secret garden" was...could I remember? Oh yes! Out came my map of Paris and the memory gates sprang open as I relived our holiday.

Entrance to Place de Vosges
 The secret garden is actually called Place de Vosges which was mentioned on our city tour and we decided to go back and try to find it. It is a courtyard surrounded by appartments and such a serene spot to enjoy an afternoon after the hustle and bustle of Paris life. We couldn't help but envy those who got to enjoy it every day.

 I hope you enjoyed sharing my glimpse of Paris. If you have something that you treasure, head over to Melody's Tuesday Treasures and share too.

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