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Saturday 16 August 2014

Friday Night Sew In - August

Well I was here all present and correct for FNSI hosted by Wendy at Sugarlane Quilts, how about you? I was joined by another 51 friends and you can go HERE to see what they got up to......but not before you see what I did.

 Block 9 of Bric-a-Brac - "Tiny Pins and Sewing Things"

 I have been working on this all week at my various sewing groups and last night I decided to finish it off so I can start something fresh next week. I still had to do the pins on the pincushion
the thimble
and the Rose design on the pencil holder

During the week I had already stitched the rest of the pencil holder, the pincushion, the tape measure
and the reels of cotton

Another block down and ......er.......a few more to go.......I am looking forward to Block 10.
We have woken up today to a long awaited rainy day....the downside of that is that it is so difficult to take photos in these gloomy conditions.

Ok, my lovlies.......off you go and see who else had their needles threaded!


Thursday 14 August 2014

A Family Adventure

I thought I would be sat at home yesterday but I was wrong.  Miss M and Hubby came up with the idea of going for a hike.  We had to to an airport pick up to collect Red and take him home.  No sooner had we stopped outside his house, when Miss M and Ted pulled up from opposite directions. They couldn't of timed it better. I think it was a last minute decision for Ted but I was so happy that he was coming with us.  I miss having family time with everyone present. Our destination was Springbrook National Park in the Gold Coast hinterland.
First of all we drove straight to the Hidden Falls......I have wanted to visit here for the last 15 years and at last I am doing it.  Hubby was concerned that the falls would be dry because we haven't had a lot of rain lately. Walking through the forest  towards the falls was just lovely. It was cool and dampish with dappled sunlight through the trees and the smells of the forest were so good
There was water in the creek that we crossed  so I didn't think the falls would be completely dry
We were not disappointed.  The falls are in a cave and it was just beautiful and mesmerising
ok.....one more
After we had our fill of this natural wonder, we walked back up to the car park and took a drive to the Canyon Lookout and walked the green route.
 It started out easy but soon we were climbing downwards and for alot of the time the path became very narrow as it hugged the side of the mountain......see danger warning in picture above.

Along the walk we saw lush green plants and trees, typical of these rainforests,
and quite a number of Banksia trees,
and some really big hollowed out tree trunks.
 Crossed over several creeks. This one tumbled over the edge very close to where we crossed it and we would soon see the resulting waterfall below.
Saw numerous waterfalls and had to walk the path behind them so got dripped on once or twice. The photo below was taken from behind the cascade
We walked along steep cliff walls and
explored under overhanging rocks.....all quite safe.......at least I hope so

And then the STEEP climb back to the top for a photo op at the Canyon Lookout
The sea and the Gold Coast city scape was visible out there
We just made it to the car before the rain started but it was shortlived and as we were driving out we saw a sign that just drew us in and we had to have a look for ourselves.......Best of all Lookout!
I wanted to see the Antarctic Beech Trees
Here they are......a link to a time when Australia and Antarctica were part of the same super continent called Gondwana. Maybe you can read the sign....sorry, it is not very clear
And then to the view......it was rather spectacular but it was really, really cold and I somehow messed up my panoramic shot in my hurry to finish up and get back to the warm car.  Here is part of the view
I know it has been photo overload but if you have come this far then you must of enjoyed it too.

Tuesday 12 August 2014

Farms & Favourites

It's Tuesday Archives over at Val's Quilting Studio and the topic today is Farm and Favourites.

 The quilt that came to mind depicts horses in a meadow which most likely would be on a Farm and, as it happens, this is also one of my very Favourite Quilts because I came up with the idea and designed it all myself.  It has pride of place on the wall above the sideboard in my dining room and I find myself dreamily gazing at it very often.

The concept behind this quilt is actually based around my birthday so if you would like to read more about it, please click HERE

Monday 11 August 2014

DWM......Same, Same, Different

Nothing much has changed on my design wall this week. I have done some sewing on the Mystery Quilt and I am up to the sashing now but it will be put away until I meet with the Sewing Sisters next month. There is no rush on this as we have until the end of the year to finish it. My 'sisters' quilts are looking really pretty......oh, yes!
 I seem to have a block missing.  I know I had it set out and all  ready to sew but when I looked at my design blocks there was not a trace of it.....nor is it on my sewing table or cutting out table.....it's a total MYSTERY!

The Exploding Block quilt is still on the design board. I don't have an actual pattern for this one so I am making it up as I go. It is difficult when you don't have an end result in mind......I don't even know how big it is going to be.
I have put together block 2 of Merry Merry Snowman and started on the applique pieces.  Some of these pieces are a little trickier on this block.....eg. reindeer antlers........
Oh dear!
 Lastly, I have some new fabric to play with.........this is all to do with a Challenge set by Kaye at Apatchy Quilting but this peek is all you are getting for the time being. It will be on my design board shortly.

This week is a little different to most here in SEQ.  It is the Brisbane Agricultural Show week, known locally as The Ekka, and there are a few public holidays depending where you live.  I don't live in a Brisbane City Council district but just a suburb or two north so my public holiday is on Monday, Redcliffe on the Peninsula has Tuesday as a public holiday and all of Brisbane CC has Wednesday which can extend into my suburb (eg schools and some services have this day too). Who knows what happens south of the city. Fortunately non of these holidays affects my week too much so this is  
How my week looks:
Monday : Kelly Girl Quilters......will be working on my stitchery Bric-a-Brac
Tuesday: I have a car on Tuesday this week so I am popping over to Apatchy Quilts for a pow-wow with the girls and will be doing some more stitching on Bric-a-Brac
Wednesday: Ekka Day and a public holiday in some areas. Day at home is likely. I could continue putting the applique together for Merry Merry Snowman
Thursday: Chat and Sew at QuiltEssentials......should be nearly finished with Bric-a-Brac by now.
Friday & Weekend: Nothing planned in concrete so anything can happen.  Probably some sewing on the Exploding Block Quilt as I want to get it off the Design Wall

I hope you have time for a threaded needle this week.
 Linking in with Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday

Tuesday 5 August 2014

Pets on Quilts

*Note for Tuesday Archive  ....The quilt below was made up of charm squares of many different colours and patterns and I struggled to find a fabric that tied it together....in the end I used a Zebra print fabric and even today.....15+ years since making this quilt....I am still happy with that choice. I wish I had taken a better photo now (the quilt is HUGE) but you can see the zebra print in the lower left of the photo below*

I have been heading over to LilyPad Quilting on a daily basis for the last few days to see the Pets on Quilts Show 2014 which is currently happening over there. I love quilts and I love animals so after oohing and aahing over everyone elses links I thought.....hey, I have pets and I have quilts, if planned carefully, I could have a Pet on a Quilt!

My darling Lila got a wash today so I decided to have a photoshoot.  Hubby is out for the morning so I snuck her into the house and .......oh, naughty me.........let her get up on the couch with a quilt (right now I should tell you that if you so much as drop a hint to Hubby that I did this, I will be in sooooo much trouble).  The quilt  is one that I made many, many moons ago from a charm square swap at a quilt group.

I finally got a shot of Lila that I love.  As they are not allowed inside very often and NEVER, EVER allowed on furniture, she was a little confused and nervous and it took alot of reassurance (aka...bribes) to get her to sit still.

Here are some out takes:

I am entering Lila in the category of  Dog or Puppy on a Quilt but there are other categories and not necessary involving actual pets. Oh please pop over to the link above (or click on the logo below) and have a look at all the other cuties on parade!

Monday 4 August 2014

Design Wall Monday........A mystery and exploding blocks

This week the Tiger Pizzazz Panel has been removed from the design wall for the time being. I need some more dark brown to continue and I really don't feel like making a special trip for it.

The Sewing Sisters Mystery Quilt has taken its spot as I will be attending class this week. I was actually mistaken about it being last week but I wasn't the only one as Helen apparantly rocked up to class with her sewing machine and supplies only to find she was all on her ownsome.

I am a bit behind the other sewing sisters when it comes to my mystery quilt as I didn't attend last month and they are up to the sashing whereas I still have two blocks to finish.  I also have to add to the card trick block to make it bigger. I am not too concerned as they are doing the quilt-as-you method together in class whereas I will just be doing a flimsy for now and will quilt it sometime down the track.

The Exploding Block quilt is also up on the design wall and I am planning to work on this one over the course of this week. I have started to add another 'round' onto the blocks.

Also this week I want to prepare another block for the Merry Merry Snowmen quilt. I finished off Block 1 last week and if you read my post on Friday you will know that I am rather keen to get a few blocks ready for my chat and sew groups.....why not this one too.

This is how my week looks:
Monday & Tuesday - Cannot make it to Kelly Girls or Apatchy Quilts this week for my chat and sew classes......oh well, next week is never far away. Gives me time to continue with the Exploding Blocks
Wednesday - Sewing Sisters meet to work on our Mystery Quilts
Thursday - Chat and Sew at Quiltessentials - plenty to keep me going for that one.
The rest of the week - All a bit mundane this week but that only means I have more time to sew at home.

Linking in to Design Wall Monday at Patchwork Times


Friday 1 August 2014

FNWF.......getting organised

Tonight I am finishing off my Teddlywinks stitchery

There are just a few of these daisy centres to do now.

Earlier I traced my next block for Bric-a-brac.  Block 9

I have also traced the second "The Avenue" border for  my Edwardian House. Pictured here with the one already stitched. Block 10

and finally, I prepared the next block for my next Tail Feather BOM. Block 5

I hope you have your needle threaded for FNWF. Don't forget to head over to Cheryll's  Gone Stitchin' and visit everyone else.  Right, back to my french knot daisies.

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