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Saturday 25 April 2015

Weekend Sew In

I just cannot believe a whole week has gone by and I still haven't blogged my intended post.

First things first though......today is Anzac Day.........and a significant one at that......this year marks the 100 year anniversary.  It never ceases to give me a lump in my throat and make my eyes burn with unshed tears when I read about, and see, images of that Great War......all those young lives, so full of promise, lost to us forever......Lest we Forget! 

Poppy field near Monet's Garden, France (2011)
Back to my weekend sew in.

After taking part in Friday Night Sew In last week, I just couldn't put my needle and thread down and continued to stitch all weekend while watching my DVD of Outlander (Season 1).

I have been so excited about seeing this series since Miss M and I visited Scotland early last year and we found ourselves visiting Doune Castle where many scenes have been filmed. When we visited, the courtyard of the castle was still fitted out with props. You can read about that here.  I have read the first three books and the first one called Crosstitch here in Australia is my favourite so I was thrilled to get this DVD for Christmas.
Here I am at Doune Castle, Scotland, February 2014
 It took me all weekend but I finished most of my stitching on Australian Afternoon from Smeedesigns.  I decided not to stitch the grey bits as I accidently bought the wrong colour grey (don't you hate it when the wrong colour ends up under the incorrect reference number!).

Now I just have to decide which one to stitch next......decisions, decisions!

But that will have to wait a couple of days as I have been so busy today in My Kitchen @Home.......come and visit, you are more than welcome.


Saturday 18 April 2015

Emu Takes a Duck and FNSI

Last night I joined with 52 others over at Sugarlane Quilts for Friday Night Sew In.  I haven't participated for months and it was just the opportunity I needed to get me back on that stitching/sewing bandwagon.

I picked my design which happens to be called Emu Takes a Duck from Smeedesigns Stitchery Pattern, Australian Afternoon and ironed my whisperweft on the back, gathered my supplies, found a favourite spot to sit, made sure my OT-lite was nearby.

Then I found I just couldn't wait until Friday Night so I made myself comfortable, turned on a catch-up episode of Downton Abbey and began to stitch.

This seat is perfect for stitching.  It is in a corner surrounded by two windows and I can keep an eye on the weather, the birds, the wind in the trees and any passers by. There is lots of natural light which is something I sorely lacked in my last house.

I got all the grass stitched and the wicket keepers baggy green cap but then it was time to get some other jobs done and take the dogs for a walk.  I went up to the dam and will be blogging about that on Cath @ Home very shortly but let me tease with you with a pic of our sunset last night.

I cooked my farmer a lovely dinner and then I settled to watch a new episode of Midsomer Murders and stitched my way through that. I finished stitching the wickets and the flat of the bat as well as making a start on the Emu's feathers. 

Right, now I am off to see how everone else did.


Thursday 16 April 2015

Some Mail

It was so exciting to get some mail........just for little old me......yesterday, especially quilt related mail.

Last week, Claudia from QuiltEssentials posted some new patterns on her business facebook page from Sew Kind of Wonderful. Since I already have the ruler for these patterns, I couldn't resist. Next thing I knew, I was calling her up to place an order. I have been running down to the mail box since then and before I knew it, the envelope I was waiting for was here.

Initially, I really loved this one called Chic Kisses.  Just beautiful but I was taken with the others too. 

Sew Kind of Wonderful - Chic Kisses
 In the end I decided on two (of the four), picking the pattern for Metro Twist as well as Chic Kisses.

Sew Kind of Wonderful - Metro Twist

Claudia, who is just as sweet as pie, slipped another little pattern in the envelope for me which would be fabulous for my growing mountain of scraps.......when I find them!

Stripes and Circles

 Apart from drooling over quilting patterns, I have been blogging over at cath@home non-stop.....jams, cakes, picking fruit, gorgeous vistas.....it's all there but it feels like I am there alone. If you haven't been for a visit yet, please come over and say hello.

I will be back here on Friday as it is FNSI.....I haven't taken part for months and months so I am really looking forward to it. Stitching is on the agenda for that. Have you signed up yet? Head HERE to do so.

Saturday 4 April 2015

This and That for Stitching

A post or two ago I mentioned that I had ordered a stitching pattern from Smeedesigns. I was so excited to get the package just a couple of days later and I raced into town to pick up some supplies.

They didn't have my preferred DMC threads but they did have ones that correspond with DMC so I decided to get them for this project.  They are easy to get if I need more. I just have to remember their corresponding DMC # before starting any project.

I always like to put whisperweft stabiliser on the back of my stitchery  and applique blocks. It helps with the stitching tension and hides the threads at the back as well but the owner at the local patchwork shop had no idea what whisperweft was and therefore did not sell it.  I thought I might order it on line but really I need to find it here, locally.  This was one of the reasons I didn't start this project.  The other reason is that I forgot to buy needles! doh!

Thursday gave me a chance to look for whisperweft as we had to go into Hobart to get the car serviced which meant lots of shopping time and lunch with my nearest and dearest.  We had lunch at one of our favourite eateries on the Elizabeth Street Pier, Fish Frenzy, flanked by a couple of lovely replica sailing ships

I only took a photo of one of them.....Lady Nelson
 Back to the shopping. One of the first places I visited was Spotlight  because I knew where it was and I was almost certain they would have what I was looking for.  I hated going to Spotlight in Brisbane and always walked out annoyed that I had wasted my time driving there but in Hobart, it is a lovely store and I found everything that I was looking for as well as some spontaneous purchases. Now I have my Whisperweft so no excuses. I will be ironing it on tonight and then the stitching can commence.

Needles are no longer a problem because I am pleased to say that I am slowly finding the things I need in my sewing space as I open more boxes. Some things are more of a priority than others......for instance, I was ever so pleased to find these

my collection of scissors.......large and small
pins, hoops and NEEDLES!

quilting tools including rotary cutter

So my friends, that is all that is happening here at Bits 'n Bobs but if you would like to catch up with my other news then head over to Cath@Home - I have something cooking in my kitchen today and it smells divine!

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