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Saturday 31 December 2011

Back to Normal

Miss M just walked in about 5 minutes ago and said "Aw, back to normal". I had no idea what she was talking about and then remembered that I had taken down all of "Christmas" today and it is all packed up in the garage again till next year.
Doesn't look a lot but it took me ages to wrap and box all these goodies!

 Hubby stashed the xmas tree while I did all the above......tinsel looks so sad when left on the floor!
Back to normal looks so fresh with my double wedding ring table topper and bowl of hydreangers. :)

And so to one and all:


Look forward to seeing you all in the NEW YEAR!

Cath :)

Sunday 25 December 2011

The night before Christmas..........

I will be wishing all a joyful and peaceful Christmas 2011

A little something miss M brought me back from New York!

Thursday 22 December 2011

Last minute gifts

One working day left and time to get those last minute gifts handed out........one more secret santa occasion tomorrow and handing out those Reindeer noses to certain people.

My secret santa recipient is a young fellow and I really didn't know what to give him but after doing some browsing on the internet, I decided on this...
thank you to Kirsty at 365 DAYS OF PINTEREST CREATIONS where I found this idea!
I hope he gets a laugh out of it!

I also took in some other pressies the other days for my department collegues but still have one to hand out...
 And on that note I shall close off as I need to go get some shut eye...

Sleep tight,
Cathy :)

Can't Wait For Christmas

I have had quite a few little gifts already and opened them too!  Firstly was my quilting group a couple of weeks ago. We had a Secret Santa and my number was called out first so I had first choice....talk about daunting.....so I literally closed my eyes and grabbed the closest parcel but I think this was a good technique...look what I got
Miss K from Apatchy Quilting who organised the whole event gave everyone a present.  I do believe she spends the whole year buying presents for us and she puts so much thought into each one. I loved mine so thank you to Miss K :)
This is going to look darling in my sewing room

Next came a sunday breakfast with the 5 ladies that i work with in my department and one that left us earlier in the year. My secret santa turned out to be Miss T and she knows exactly what would get me excited.......
and very sneaky of you Miss T, surreptitiously asking me my favourite colours......spot on!

Four days later and yet another xmas celebration......Ladies that Dine are a group from work that meet once a month to socialise over dinner or sometimes go out to the theatre.  Secret Santa again....this time random and I picked out this little delight....
 I am sure Miss R brought this gorgeous little present with her and it looks too lovely on my coffee table. Miss R spoilt me because she also got me and my bff, Miss H, these earings which i have been wearing to work all week.
And then of course my dear bff, Miss H, gave me a present yesterday.  She is heading off to spend Christmas with her daughter so I won't see her till after Christmas now. Miss H, I love the present you gave me and thank you for your friendship throughout the year....
I feel totally spoilt by all my dearest friends and I hope they have the Best of Christmases :)

Till Later,
Cath :)

Tuesday 20 December 2011

"Rudolph with your nose so bright".............

No time to relax just yet so I really need to get busy with last minute gifts.  I wrapped two pressies yesterday and gave one to my bff and another to a lovely lady that I work with. My bff was really thrilled with her pressie which was nice because I had so much fun picking it out and wrapping it.

 Check out the little Teddy Angel tree ornament I attached to the ribbon.....so cute!

.......so that leaves a dozen or so little token gifts and I thought I might put together little packages of "Reindeer Noses"........like this
For this I need chocolate coated Malt Balls and Jaffa's (I picked out giant ones from the sweet shop)

Select 5 Malt Balls for the regular reindeer and a Jaffa for Rudolph,  then wrap in a square of celephane and add a ribbon and a gift tag.

and VOILA! Cute little somethings to hand out!

And so thats it for another day, hope you are all enjoying Christmas crafting as well :)

Till later
Cath :)

Monday 19 December 2011

Christmas is a week out...................................

One Week to go till Christmas Day......so exciting and I have just about everything ready.....presents are wrapped which means only the Lunch to organise (I already have the Menu set out but got to go grocery shopping later in the week)

As usual, I have had so much fun decorating this year and made a start without help from my trusty helper, Miss M., who was away in New York for a couple of weeks. Here are a few pics of my decorations:

I found this cute little bowl at the supermarket one evening when I dashed out to buy some essentials, and added it to my basket.  I later decided to buy one as a secret santa pressie, but there were none left.

Here is another new addition this year....the Wreathe....which I bought from my work place. Once I saw it, I couldn't resist.  Hubby is starting to roll his eyes when I walk in with something new! I tried to hide this in the garage but he found it in his search for the xmas lights! Oh dear!

This is one of 3 trees that I have up.  It looks so elegant and a wonderful table centre for the dining room table.

This is the "big" tree which goes up every year.......I am just about ready to buy a new one but can't decide on a green or white tree.  Everyone I ask for advice has a different viewpoint.  Decisions,

Just a few of the presents.............there are quite a few more additions now though!

And again.....something new that snuck in this year, I saw the green apples last year and wanted some "cherries" to go with them but didn't find any until a few weeks ago and then I found the white pears aswell...............I think it is official.....I am a Christmas Decoration Junkie!
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