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Wednesday 29 February 2012

Ready for another round

What did I spend yesterday doing? Well apart from blogging about my dear furbabies....(and thank you for all the comments btw)

Tuesday is actually a sewing group day for me but when I woke up and went out to say good morning to my girls, I couldn't find Lila (Short for Delilah). Callie was sat at the door looking very unconcerned but no Lila.  I called and whistled....no Lila.  I walked around to the other side of the house but not there either.  By now my heart was sitting in my mouth and I dashed in to get dressed thinking I would have to do a neighbourhood hunt. Feeling quite sick by now and thinking the worst I flung the front door open ready to pound the streets looking for my sweet, sweet girl. The first thing I saw when I walked outside was an orange power cable across my front lawn....Odd? Relief actually! My Aussiepooch man had arrived earlier than usual to wash the girls and he had already started on Lila!
Not lost or dognapped but nice and clean

Anyway after all that excitement I ended up being slightly late for the group so I decided to stay home and prepare the next step/blocks for my WIP's so here is my updated to-do list for the next week or so.

Teddy Bear Tea Party
There's this and.....

My Garden

Edwardian house

and this.
Tea or Coffee
I am also going to finish off two of these flowers. Wait till you see the finished ones.

oh, and I also added this little bit of sparkle to one of the "Tea or Coffee" blocks:

And that was my day!

Oh wait....no...something else was part of my day.  I received this in the mail this afternoon. Now I can stop drooling over everyone elses "Some kind of Wonderful" BOM's and get started on my own (well at some point!)

till next time, keep your needles threaded!


Tuesday 28 February 2012

Tuesday Treasure - Pets

Following in the steps of Melody and Sue B, I want to share my pet dogs with you.

I have had dogs in my life ever since I can remember. My first dog was Juno, a boxer.  We got her when my family moved to Zambia and I was about 3 years old. My dad knew a farmer who was selling up and moving on and he had a dog and a cat that he wanted to find good homes for.  My dad took both. The cat, Blackie, died after about a year from a poisonous lizard and 4 years later when dad's work contract was over, we found a home for Juno with some good friends and got lots more photos of her through the years as we travelled for dad's work.

Growing up there was Monty, Bucksy, Tammy, Sally, and Bruce.  And then I got married, had a baby and moved to Australia. Hubby was not a dog man but I thought the kids would like a dog and talked him into it.  A friend gave us Bella, an abused Golden Retriever that needed a home. That didn't turn out well and I reluctantly had to return her 6 wks later (no fault of Bella's) and then along came Jazzy, an American Cocker spaniel.  After a year I came across another Golden Retriever that need a home (we had to have 2 dogs!!!). And that is when Amber came to live with us.  She was 18months at the time and turned into the most gorgeous dog ever.  These two dogs grew up with my kids but Amber was always the one that they played with the most (Jazzy was really a sloth). Jazzy died when she was 10 which was a relief as by then she was totally deaf and pretty blind. Amber stayed with me till the ripe old age of 15 (really good for GR's) It was a great loss when I had to have her put down and I sobbed unashamedly at the vet until I saw all the people staring at me in the waiting room.  That dog left the biggest paw print on my heart!
My beautiful girl Amber

Amber with puppy Callie
How I came to own Callie is a cute story....It was just before Christmas, 5 years ago, and I needed stamps for my Christmas cards so I left miss M shopping for jeans (or whatever) and trotted off to the post office.  Of course the post office is next to the pet shop and I always have a peek. Well on this particular day, there were two labrador pups in the window.  Common sense got the better of me and half an hour later, I rang miss M to say she better meet me at the pet shop because I had bought a puppy! What about the stamps? well they had to wait till another day! Hey, at least I only brought one home. For more on Callie and our new addition, Lila, go to my page titled "Callie and Lila"

5 yr old Callie & 18mth old Lila
Hope you have the joy of pets in your life!


Sunday 26 February 2012

Another UFO done and dusted!

"Sew its Finished" is one way that I am getting through the UFO's that have been languishing for years.  I have set myself the challenge to finish off at least 12 projects in 2012.  That is a complete UFO for every month this year.

January - Snowman Swag
February - Origami Hexagon Table Topper

Thought I would also share this little suprise my hubby brought in from the garden this morning.  Mr Romantic found this lone bloom on the rose bush and couldn't resist bringing it in for me to enjoy.

Till next time,


Friday 24 February 2012

Oops, I did it again

I have gone and done it again.  Reading through the latest addition of Homespun the other night (which is gorgeous bty) and came across a BOM that I just couldn't resist.  No, no, no (the voices in my head are yelling at me)......I already have more than enough BOM's to keep me busy, but oh I do like it. So after two days of:  yes - no, yes - no, I bit the bullet and put my order in. Can't wait for it to start arriving.

Do you like it?
Bunny Hill Designs - Merry Merry Snowmen (through The Stitching Post)

 Also, I found this link through a facebook connection and I was wondering if anyone else has heard of  Quiltivate or even used it?

Lots of sewing to be done this weekend and the weather is just perfect for it....rain, rain and more rain!

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Lets call it even

I thought the projects where getting the better of me but it only took a little while to get even.  Some stitching on the bears faces and, after searching high and low for the same fabric that the other bear's noses were done in, noses added and then some nose shine.....Finally, I have a finish:

Ok, gotta go and work on "My Garden".
Till next time,

Monday 20 February 2012

more than I can chew

Thats right I am admitting that I bit off more than I can chew.  Last week I set myself a challenge to complete  a number of WIP's thinking....No problems. Easy Peasy. Piece of Cake....You get the picture!

A week later and I still have a fair bit to do so I will be continuing with my quest over this week as well.

If you saw my post last night you will know that I completed the stitching on Block 1 of the Edwardian House and I also did extensive sewing on my TeddlyWinks Tea Party (Just have to finish off the faces) but My Garden and the binding on Tea or Coffee didn't get a look in.  Oh well.... there is always this week.

Outcome: Projects 2 - Cath (almost) 2

Till we meet again!

Sunday 19 February 2012

Ta Da!

The stitching on The Edwardian House - Block 1 is F I N I S H E D! I know it sounds like I am making a really big deal about this achievement but one small step for me is one giant step towards finishing this BOM. I spent 5 hours stitching yesterday which I found surprising because there seemed to be just a couple of lines to stitch.  Very deceiving! I watched 2 episodes of "Six Feet Under" yesterday afternoon and stitched through that and then in the evening after dinner I watched 3 episodes of CSI (1 each of NY, Miami and Las Vegas ones) and didn't put my needle down then either.

Well it seems the projects are going to win as there has not been much sewing done today as I originally had planned.
I have started a healthy eating plan (diet is a dirty word in my house) with Tony-you-must-give-it-a-go-Ferguson and had to pick up some supplies at the chemist and go out and restock the fridge with plenty of fruits and veg and then Miss M called to see if I could pick her up on the other side of town which was, all up, a 1 hour round trip and as I hadn't been to the fruit shop yet, we called in on the way home. Soon I will have to take the dogs for a walk and then prepare some dinner for us all, so will only get a couple of hours sewing in this evening. I think I have "Bones" and "Castle" to entertain me tonight.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that it is my Mum's birthday today.  I sent a wrapped present home with her to open today and I really hope she likes it! Happy Birthday to my Wonderful, loving Mum!

Saturday 18 February 2012


I am sorry but I really do need to have a little winge and I wonder if anyone else is having the same issues as I am having.....

Firstly, how frustrating is the new word verification set up.  I have to refresh mine at least twice before I can make out the letters and sometimes they still don't look like the alphabet as I know it and sometimes I still get it wrong and have to try again.

But the worst problem I am having today is actually being able to log onto the blogs that I am following. They are just taking too long to open and keep timing out as if the internet has dropped out but it hasn't because i am able to refresh my facebook page which i always have open and I am still retrieving and sending emails. Then when I do eventually get the blog open and make a comment....there it goes again....timing out before I get to post my comment.

And there have been some wonderful blog updates so far today!


Wednesday 15 February 2012

BOMs Away

At last I have started my Farmyard Frolics BOM.  Spent the morning with Sally, who designed the quilt, and a few other ladies taking part.  I loved this quilt from the minute Sally first showed her completed quilt to us earlier last year and I will be putting it away for my "Little Treasures Chest"...now I just need the "little treasures"!

This is block 1.....Horses or Cows?  That has been the debate for some time but I am happy to leave it up to interpretation.  Anyway block 1 is ready to be stitched.

And here is mother Hen and her Chicks on Block 2.  Because I have already set myself a to do list this week, I will start stitching these next week.  Luckily, I have a month to get them completed.

Got to go thread my needle!

Tuesday 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Hope you all get to experience a little romance in your day!


Monday 13 February 2012

Cath 0 - Projects 4

Monday night and I have not started on my weeks tasks.  Why not? Mmmm.....well lets see.  Worked all day, came home and cooked dinner for hubby and son 2 who was over for a visit and then had to go out to the airport to pick up miss M who had been up in Townsville for a friends 21st. That's why not!!

Exciting day tomorrow.  I am having my new oven and stove fitted.  Hubby is telling everyone he bought them for me for Valentines Day because he so "romantic". LOL

Any how I hope you all have a lovely Valentines Day and get lots of love and romance from your loved ones.

I love this little Valentines Quilt that I found on Craftsy.  Not a freebie unfortunately but if you are still interested click here


Sunday 12 February 2012

Things to do

I have finally cleaned up the creation station enough to be able to get in and make a start on my WIPs. I spent the afternoon updating my projects....making sure every task box has a pair of scissors and needle with correct colour thread etc. Tonight I am going to prepare the next step of all my BOMs. So this week I have to:

Finish off the stitching and borders for these two blocks from "MY GARDEN"

Complete stitching on block 1 of "THE EDWARDIAN HOUSE"

Finish stitching the applique of block J of "TEDDLYWINKS TEA PARTY"

 And to finish of the week...sew the binding on my Millamac "Tea or Coffee" quilt

Now surely that is not too much to ask.....is it.  I should be able to achieve this...of course I can!

Watch this space to see how I do!
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