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Monday 30 November 2015

DBM #11 - Eek...not a stitch!

Oh dear! How slack I have been on the sewing front....not a stitch has been sewn this week!

You are probably thinking..."what HAVE you been up to?"

Well.......It's that time of year when the orchard is starting to get plentiful and the cherry trees are laden with fruit.....just can't let it all go to waste.....so picking the fruit is the order of the day...and of course, then I need to do something with it....so washing, pitting and (so far) into the freezer, dehydrator or into the pot for Cherry Pie Filling....we had a Cherry Crumble last night for after dinner....Yummy!

I also took plenty of photo's of that luscious fruit that I picked. They are just the perfect subject to photograph so I couldn't resist a pic or two.....or... five or six. With so much going on in the orchard and creating a small flower garden of sorts plus working on a kitchen veggie patch, I am not sewing or stitching so much. On the other hand Cath@Home is fast becoming my main blogging space and creative outlet....I have found my blogging style over there has changed....concentrating more on my photography than anything else. It's not hard when you have such amazing scenery to inspire you. I hope you will come over for a visit some time just to see what I really have been doing.

That is why my Design Board looks like this, yet again:

I do need some inspiration....so please Link Up whatever is on your sewing agenda this week....Is it hand sewing, machine piecing, knitting, crochet?....whatever involves needle and thread is most welcome.

Let's see what you have on your Design Board this week:
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  • link anything that you are working on this week or over the past week....needle and thread is all it takes! 
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Wednesday 25 November 2015

Foodies Listen Up...

The Link up is now live over at Cath@Home for What's for Dinner Wednesday and I am sharing the recipe for Bolognaise Sauce packed with vegetables......although you would never know!

There is a Giveaway draw for everyone who links up a foodie related post....new or not so new (the past week would be most welcome). This week is the last week for the November Draw so get in quick

Extra Giveaway
This month I am giving an extra prize to anyone who introduces my blog to a friend.  If they link up and leave a comment to say who introduced them.....they go into the link up draw and your name will go into the extra draw


So come on over.....I am waiting for you....link up your Baking, Cooking, Eating out, favourite recipe......any Foodie Experience! It's easy to get there, just click on the Logo above for a direct link to What's for Dinner Wednesday #7 or head straight to the blog.....the link is on the side bar.

Monday 23 November 2015

DBM #10 - Back on Track

Hello to all my lovelies out there in blogland.....I am so happy to be back here as usual for Design Board Monday at Bits 'n Bobs.....Thank you all so much for your patience with all the computer problems I have had lately.....

On my Design Board this week!

Bits 'n Bobs

I have created a four block blanket for Blue Fusion and I would love to expand it by another four this week.....when I get to that stage I can make a better determination as to how much bigger it needs to be.

 Also, I have 4 blocks of the Little Bird quilt sewn and ready to join while including another cathedral window....I will sew another four blocks this week.

On the stitching front....Flowerville block 3 has arrived in the mail, so I will be stitching that one for my evening stitching project

Block 3 of A Country Tea Party only took me one week to stitch....wonder if I can beat that record?

Let's see what you have on your Design Board this week:
  • link anything that you are working on this week or over the past week....needle and thread is all it takes! 
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Sunday 22 November 2015

Friday's Report ....on Sunday!

I was out all day on Friday and then there was FNSI (Go HERE to see what I did) to blog about so I decided to bring you my weekly report today....Sunday!

And, furthermore, I got very little stitching done this last week, so this is actually the previous weeks Friday Report!

I did do some work on Blue Fusion and stitched a little on Little Bird Quilt but I am really happy to report that I finished block 3 of The Garden Tea Party

I really can't believe how quickly I got this stitched....even though I have said before, that when I start stitching this one, I just can't put it down! I started on the Teddy.....

The only think left is to put a light straight stitch in each eye to make them come alive.  There are more daisies in this block....starting with her head band.

 And a couple of new flowers were added to this months block....at first, when I traced the daffodils, I thought they would be hard but actually they were easy to do...

 I love the effect....really do look like daffies...

The little flowers in the grass were just french knots with daisy stitch leaves....a real mess to trace so I had to do them very carefully to avoid a jumbled mess of french knots...they worked out in the end. I really like that they are done in variegated thread.

Please join me tomorrow for Design Board Monday which will be back to normal at Bits 'n Bobs and share your weeks creations.....

on Mondays

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Slow Sunday Stitching

Saturday 21 November 2015

Reports & Results

Hello! Everything is back to normal here at Bits 'n Bobs with the computer being wiped and rebooted and the WiFi issue being sorted by none other than.......ME! Proof that persistence pays off!
I did have a lovely Friday but most of it was spent in Hobart Town....our car needed a service so the farmer and I went to the movies to see 007s new movie "Spectre".  This is big news.....the last time my farmer took me to the movies was to see "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert"....I am sure that was back in the 90s! We also had lunch....wasn't I spoilt?

The day got even better when I arrived home to find block 3 of Flowerville in my mailbox and even though all it takes is some whisperweft ironed onto the back before the stitching starts....I didn't go with that for FNSI.

I thought it was high time I did some work on Brookfield since I am 3 months worth behind on that.  Last night I traced the baskets onto the freezerpaper.

And got them cut out

I did all this while munching on a cup of cherries....the first from this seasons crop and picked straight from the tree makes them even more delicious.

you can read more about Cath@Home...HERE

I was pretty tired after very little sleep the night before, an early wake up call, and a full day out in town so it was an earlier than usual night for me but today I will continue with these blocks until all of them are at least prepared up to the the stitching stage and then I can grab them whenever.

I hope you had a great night of sewing and I will be along over the next couple of days to take a look at what you got up to on.

Sunday 15 November 2015

DBM Postponed

I am going to have to forego DBM this week. I am using my old computer and had my post all ready to go when it all crashed and so that is that. I can't get it to start again so I am really sorry to say this week will have to be postponed.


Monday 9 November 2015

DBM #9 - Something has gone Wrong

Not anything on my Design Board....oh, no....that is all coming along just fine!

The problem lies with my new computer....why, oh why, oh why!.....don't fret, I am not using it now!

While I was  visiting blogs that I have linked up to recently .... I somehow downloaded a virus while visiting a recommended site...a malware virus which I cannot shake...so I am back on my old dinosaur of a computer and will have to take the new one in to get checked out this week....what a nuisance!

So, in saying that, my design board may not look as presentable as it usually does as I cannot use PicMonkey with this system....oh, and I so wanted to pretty it up!

On my Design Board this week,

I will be continuing with my Blue Fusion blankie. I am taking photo's as I go and will be writing my own tutorial for this because I couldn't find any tutorials to answer all my questions and I want to make another similar blanket so I will need to remember how I did it. This one is becoming less and less of a secret!

I will also be continuing with the Little 'Bird' Quilt...two cathedral blocks complete....4 to go and then two inbetween cathedral blocks need to be experimented with.

I meant to trace block 3 of A Country Tea Party over the weekend but I was a little distracted with the goings on with the computer......

Now tell me, what will you be sharing this week

  • link anything that you are working on this week or over the past week....needle and thread is all it takes! 
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Saturday 7 November 2015

FNWF Results - November '15

I spent all afternoon sewing blocks and preparing for FNWF and sat down with the rest of my friends in cyberspace to enjoy an evening of stitching.....here are my results

Two Birdie Cathedral windows sewn down and two rounds of crochet on another block for Fusion Blue....If you want to see and read more about these projects, head to the last post...Friday Report

Don't forget to visit my other bloggy friends and see their results for FNWF.....must be off....see you here again on Monday for
Until then, keep your needles threaded and your bobbins full,

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