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Wednesday 22 May 2013

Curiosity killed the cat

Well fortunately that is not true today but I was a bit concerned when I saw what was upsetting my furbabies so much this morning.  We had a visitor and the girls were not too happy about it. 

Neighbours who have recently moved in have a cat that is very adventurous and quite curious. The commotion woke me up and I was suprised that this guy did not take off in a hurry since an aggressive (hackles up) boofy labrador was trying to climb the fence to grab it. The barking and hissing and whining (from Lila) was deafening.

The photo above was taken when they had calmed down after I approached the kitty and was patting it.

Wonder if another visit will be on the cards any time soon!

 boofy [ˈbʊfɪ] adj Austral informal 
1. muscular and strong but silly
2. (of the hair) voluminous 
3. puffed out boofy sleeves


  1. What a beautiful cat! I am sure over time, they will all become best of friends. :)

  2. It is a beautiful cat, I hope your dogs get used to their new neighbour :)

  3. hope the noise settles down for you,such a lovely cat,xx

  4. If that cat has an ounce of sense he will stay on top of the fwnce!


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