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Wednesday 12 September 2012

sew together

I feel so self indulgent today because I have been out almost all day. I do love spending time sewing with ladies who have the same interest. I met Marlilyn, Lorraine and Chris at Sally's classes and we now get together once a month to sew and chat and laugh. Still no news when our dear Sally will be returning.

Marilyn is also working on a Millamac creation. The most gorgeous elephant cushion. I am going to get around to doing this one aswell. See here or here for the pattern.

Lorraine was trying to figure out this japanese braiding device but decided she needed absolute quiet to work it out and continuted working on her Millamac wall hanging. I am annoyed that I forgot to take a picture of it because she has put so much work into it and it is terrific.

Chris brought her sewing machine and was working on a quilt for a young boy.  The colours are just so bright and vibrant.

I did a little bit of sewing on my Farmyard Frolics

and a little bit on Teddy Bear Tea Party

And of course, all this hardwork always goes hand in hand with good food. We feasted on the cherry blondie and this brioche pullapart which Lorraine dressed beautifully with fresh fruit.

Later on we made sandwiches with these fillings.

 So what if I was a little self indulgent, I had a great day spent with like minded crafters.

One more photo before I sign off....Marilyn has this fabulous bromeliad specimen in her garden.  I just had to take a photo of it growing up the palm tree.

Hope you had a little time for yourself today,


  1. I havent sewn with a group of ladies in forever! I miss it. Your projects are delightful!

  2. I have not had the blessing of sewing with a group of ladies in my area. Looks like you accomplished much and had a good time along the way. And that bromelaid is stunning! Was it in a pot or planted in the ground? Just so pretty!

  3. Sounds like a brilliant way to spend your day

  4. What fun! Lucky you to spend such a fantastic day. :0)

  5. Hi Cath - Sounds like such a wonderful day. Lovely pictures - your blanket stitching is gorgeous!


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