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Saturday 22 September 2012

Off to Toowoomba we go - Part 2

I love The Village Green at Highfields (just outside Toowoomba) on the range.  The Chocolate Cottage is where we had lunch, no chocolate involved but plenty of salad, and a cup of much needed coffee. All the shops on the Village Green are old timber buildings (queenslander style) and the inside of the Chocolate Cottage which is also a gift shop is furnished with tables surrounded by handpainted chairs.

Inside the Chocolate Cottage
If you are feeling a bit musical, you could always play a tune on the piano on the veranda for the lunch time crowd.
After lunch we wandered down to the Quilters Angel. This is one of my top 5 favourite quilting shops and it's one of those shops that is so beautifully set out that you don't want to leave incase you miss something.  I did buy some fabric for a little boy quilt that I already have a pattern for.

There are a couple of new shops at the Village Green since I was last there.  A lovely French inspired gift shop and doll shop as well as the other gift shop that was there before.  We had a browse through all of these shops, lingered more in some than others.......mmmmmm, OK, I confess.......I did buy a few more little goodies.

The Village Green sits on the edge of the range looking down into the Lockyer Valley.

bit of a hazy view today
Suddenly it was 3pm and time to leave so we could get home before dark.  Hang on....where are my car keys? I tip my handbag out on the nearest flat surface but definitely no car keys.....oh-oh, it's a long way for Hubby to drive with the spare keys.  Marylin suggested we ask at our lunch venue as I vaguely remembered that I probably left them on the counter when I paid for lunch. Ta-da....thank goodness, they had kept my keys safe and sound for me. No further incidents on the way home, so we got home within the 2 hour time frame.



  1. I absolutely love the hexagons and owls from the previous post. Looks like an amazing show of talent ; )

  2. What fun! I am glad you found your keys too! :)

  3. That looks like a fun place for lunch, all those painted chairs and chocolate and coffee....then fabric just up the way? Sounds like my kind of place!

  4. What a wonderful little adventure you have had. The painted furniture looks awesome.
    Have a wonderful week.


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