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Saturday 29 September 2012

One Weekend - two Quilt Shows - Part 1

What a weekend to look forward to with two days of lovely quilty goodness! I headed off to the Nundah Village Group Biannual quilt show this afternoon.

At one point I wasn't sure if I was going to make it as there were a few obstacles, one of which was being unable to back my car out of the garage, but my boys came home eventually and parked themselves in front of the telly to watch the AFL Grand Final  (Go the Hawks!!) and I found the opportunity to do my own thing.

Not far to travel today and infact the church hall where it was held is only a street away from where I work. I really thought this quilt show was worth while and there was lots to see and quite a few that I swooned over.  Due to the number of photos, I have collaged them for you.

 There was one that really caught my attention - a) because I am planning a similar design for a layer cake that I have been hoarding; and b) I recognised it as possibly being done by someone I know.

 Yep, Maureen made this quilt to showcase her Japanese fabrics. She used a quilt as you go method to join them and her quilting looked lovely.  I gave this quilt my "viewers choice" vote.

Tomorrow I am driving up to Maleny which is a hour + journey but a lovely drive so hubby has been convinced to go with me.  Catch up wth me tomorrow for some more quilty goodness.


  1. Hi, Cath! Always love some good quilty photos! :)

  2. What fun! Lovely quilts with so much talent!

  3. Lovely quilts to inspire us with and your vote for viewers choice was a good one, beautiful quilt!

  4. Great photos thanks for sharing.

  5. Maureen's quilt is delightful.


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