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Wednesday 29 February 2012

Ready for another round

What did I spend yesterday doing? Well apart from blogging about my dear furbabies....(and thank you for all the comments btw)

Tuesday is actually a sewing group day for me but when I woke up and went out to say good morning to my girls, I couldn't find Lila (Short for Delilah). Callie was sat at the door looking very unconcerned but no Lila.  I called and whistled....no Lila.  I walked around to the other side of the house but not there either.  By now my heart was sitting in my mouth and I dashed in to get dressed thinking I would have to do a neighbourhood hunt. Feeling quite sick by now and thinking the worst I flung the front door open ready to pound the streets looking for my sweet, sweet girl. The first thing I saw when I walked outside was an orange power cable across my front lawn....Odd? Relief actually! My Aussiepooch man had arrived earlier than usual to wash the girls and he had already started on Lila!
Not lost or dognapped but nice and clean

Anyway after all that excitement I ended up being slightly late for the group so I decided to stay home and prepare the next step/blocks for my WIP's so here is my updated to-do list for the next week or so.

Teddy Bear Tea Party
There's this and.....

My Garden

Edwardian house

and this.
Tea or Coffee
I am also going to finish off two of these flowers. Wait till you see the finished ones.

oh, and I also added this little bit of sparkle to one of the "Tea or Coffee" blocks:

And that was my day!

Oh wait....no...something else was part of my day.  I received this in the mail this afternoon. Now I can stop drooling over everyone elses "Some kind of Wonderful" BOM's and get started on my own (well at some point!)

till next time, keep your needles threaded!



  1. Lila looks so relieved that pampering time is over. You had me oohing and ahring over all your blocks and stitcheries.

  2. So glad Lila is fine... panic stations when that happens... you have some really lovely projects on the go...

  3. Hi Cath! Just popped into visit and follow you. :o) You do such beautiful stitching! Wow! I also love your little glamour girl scissors. My SIL gave me a pair of tweezers like that for Christmas.. they are so cute! And I LOVE your furbabies! So gorgeous. I'm soo glad that it was the Aussiepooch man and not the dreaded neighborhood hunt! Callie and Lila are so pretty, and I've always been interested in Golden and Labradoodles. They are so cute! And no shedding? Buster is a shedding horse! lol Nice to *meet* you!


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