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Monday 8 February 2016

Design Board Monday #20 - Challenge Update

Believe it or not, I have already gone 30 days on my 100 Day Challenge and it is time to check in! Didn't that go quick? Way too quick! Just to recap, here is what I pledged to do.

And here is where I sit after 30 days:

1.  Baby Quilt

I have to finish this one this week ... the good news is that I only have the borders to add and then I get to do the snipping. Oh, I mustn't forget the label!

2. Blog 3x a week

Well so far this hasn't worked out...January was just so full on with other happenings...February won't be much different....here's looking at you March!

3. Mystery Quilt

Ok, I didn't expect to start on this just yet.....Baby Quilt was priority.....but I did unpack and have a look to remind myself what needs to be done.  It actually looks nicer than I remember...

There you have it....why not head over and take a look at Jen's Quilter in the Closet Blog to see how everyone else is faring...you may want to have a look at what you could do in a 100 Day Challenge.....I am sure there will be a stage 2! Jen gave my blog such a great plug mentioning the Design Board Linky so I guess I should get on with that now.......THANKS for keeping me on track for at least one post a week....and just so you know, I am still going through last weeks link ups...like I said, it's been busy elsewhere!
  • Link will be open until Sunday 14.2.2016.
  • link anything that you are working on this week or over the past week....needle and thread is all it takes.
  • Please add a link back to Bits 'n Bobs as part of your post (why not get the button code from the side bar to paste into your post)
  • Please make the effort to visit other link users and leave them a comment to make their day! Don't forget me! I like comments too!

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  1. Good progress on your projects.
    Good luck with the next thirty days!

  2. Your baby quilt is sweet! Good luck with meeting your Challenge for the next month! Christine x

  3. That's why I don't do these challenges anymore -- it's so easy to set lofty goals, but then I feel so bad when I "fail" to reach them. It can turn a hobby that you love into a burden. I also feel like there's got to be a balance between making things and blogging about them. Sometimes it takes longer to write a post about what I did than it took me to actually do it! So I have to remind myself that I'm doing it for ME; the blog posts are so I have notes I can come back to the next time I want to try that technique, and unlike my previous little notebooks and scraps of paper, the blog posts are safely located on the Internet and I can search for them using key words! The colors in your Mystery Quilt look fabulous. I hope you enjoy whatever sewing you have time for this week!

  4. Sorry you're so busy, but it happens. Don't stress about it! Love the linky. Thanks.

  5. That's a lovely teaser for your mystery quilt, I will look forward to seeing the finished result, in about 67 days???


  6. I love your mystery quilt. Three blog posts a week is quite a lot. I'm aiming for two and sometimes I only get to one.

  7. Thanks Cath for hosting the DBM.... well done with the progress on the raggy quilt and the mystery quilt looks amazing.....

  8. Cath, don't get down on yourself; you have NOT Epic Failed!! There is a reason you have 100 days for the challenge - life does happen! You should live it! (and try to enjoy it at the same time)

    You are so close on that baby quilt! I know you can do it! And your mystery quilt looks amaze-balls! Those are some lovely fabrics you have there. I'm positive that once you get going on that, there will be no stopping you (and, you might have loads to blog about at the same time, just sayin!).

    Keep your chin up! You can rock the next 70 days!

  9. A 100 day challenge sounds a bit better than a 30 day one - time is just flying by! I too would like to blog more, but some weeks it's just not possible and that's okay. Finding balance can be difficult, but we'll keep trying! You are so close on the baby quilt, I bet it will be finished in no time! Thanks for linking to MCM - happy sewing!


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