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Saturday 18 January 2014

For the love of Goldies

I once had a Golden Retriever.  She was my golden girl and I miss her so very much. Today something arrived at my house that will help me remember her and at the same time help (just that little bit more) a wonderful organisation that takes care of abandoned Golden Retrievers.
Amber and little baby Callie
 There are no other dogs like Golden Retrievers (in my book). They are gentle, family orientated, friendly with other dogs, easy to train, eager to please and just gorgeous to have around   Maybe because I am so biased I imagined that everybody would feel privilaged to have a GR so why do some people give up on them so easily?

I found out about GARA (Golden Ark Rescue Australia) through my sons friend, Samantha, who is a permanent foster mum to a GARA dog, Sandy. Anyway, GARA rescues Golden Retrievers, sometimes paying 100s of $s to get them to their property south of Brisbane, from all over the country.  They look after them and bring them back to health and then find them furever homes. They have very strict policies regarding the new homes for the dogs - which is why I will never be able to adopt from them (no dogs allowed inside our home - by order of my Hubby).  If you want to learn more about them, you can find them via facebook  . Since they are a non-profit organisation, they rely on donations from the public and recently opened an online store which you can access via their fb page.

I was reading Sandy the permanent foster dog's facebook page when I saw that the online store had something that I just loved. I put in my order and it arrived today.....via Red.....via Sam.

A little pewter pawprint that I can wear on my lapel and remember my Amber, angel in disguise.

my girl Amber around 12yo


  1. Lovely post so sad that people neglect and abuse their beautiful animals .

  2. My DH's cousin in California told us of this organisation...she had 4 rescue GR when we were there in 2011...since then the 15 yo male has died but his last few years with Adrienne were very happy.

  3. What a wonderful organistion, allthough I just can't imagine how people can be crual to Golden Retrievers or any dog for that matter! So sad these organisations are necessary, but wonderful that they are there!
    Eventhough I'm a real cat-person, I just love those Golden Retrievers. We had one when I was young. If we ever own a home with more grounds around it, we would love to have a dog too and it will probably be a Goldy. We often say to eachother that Cees, our feline baby, is a GR reincarnation. He can be very dog-like and he has the right color too! He sniffs around, catches and aport his toy mouse and is sometimes just plain silly, but soooo sweet.
    Yes, I can totally see how you adore GR in general and miss your Amber this much. Love the pin!

  4. she was beautiful and she had such kind eyes,sending big hugs.xx

  5. Beautiful post - Amber ad such a gentle look about her. I had never heard of the organisation - sad that there is a need for them isn't it!

  6. Such a lovely story, lovely pin to remember her

  7. Absolutely love this Cathy <3 thank-you for highlighting GARA and Sandy!!!! Loved seeing photos of Amber too! She certainly has similarities to Grace with that unusual ridge xx

  8. We had a wonderful Golden too...Honey. She was a smiler, and would often frighten people when they thought she was baring her teeth at them, when in actuality, she was just saying, 'Happy to meet you!'

  9. Aww Cath...they are so cute. Just love the eyes!!! I am so glad for people who adopt these animals and for the organisations who care for their welfare. Just get so cross at people who don't take care of any animal.
    Cheers, Anita.

  10. Beautiful Post...love the pin and the gentle reminder that it represents your dear pup.

  11. Wonderful post - I am sure you dog Amber will always be in your heart.

  12. I love Goldens , we have owned three over the years , our last one Darby passed away 9years and I still miss him. I agree they are the best dogs , so great for families and I can't understand why anyone would abuse them . Great organization and I love the paw , cute!

  13. Amber was such a beautiful girl, so sad to hear she is gone now. Your pawprint is a sweet tribute. xx debbie


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