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Thursday 23 January 2014

Fabric and Muffins

I knew it was going to be another hot day when Miss M and I went for our morning swim at 8am and the water was very lukewarm (ugh!) so I decided to spend the day in the Creation Station with the Air Con to keep me cool. However when I got home, I got caught up in some other activites and found that time races by when you are making the bed, going through your blogs, washing towels, hanging towels on the line, having a little play with the dog and making sure they have lots of fresh waster etc. ect. and by midday, I still hadn't made it into the said room. A quick look at our weatherman gauge and my mind was made up.

There is so much to do in the Creation Station at the moment. More blocks to make up for my NewFO and the binding to put onto my UFO. I could also be preparing the next blocks for my BOMs but I thought I would take the time to do some tidying up.  And what better way than to make up some more mini bolts for all the fabric I have bought lately.

 Oh goodness me, I really do have a problem when it comes to fabric.  I have been looking at some of this fabric today and realise that I have no idea at all what I am going to use it for.  This one, for instance,  that I fell in love with last week and brought home all that was left on the bolt (2m).....where or what will I use it for?

It took me quite a while to make the mini bolts up as I was getting caught up in drooling over my own fabric stash.  After lunch I decided it would be nice to have a little sweet treat so (even though it is so hot) I set to making some date muffins.

I am on a bit of a health kick at the moment so didn't want anything too rich and these date muffins are enough to just hit the mark.  I make them with wholemeal flour just because it sounds healthier

Date Muffins (makes 6 generous muffins)
2 egg whites
1 Tablespoon vegetable oil
1 cup self-raising wholemeal flour
2 tablespoons brown sugar
2/3 cup skim milk
1/4 cup chopped soft dates ( I like lots of dates so I add a few more than this)

Lightly whisk the egg whites till they look frothy and then add all the other ingredients and mix just to bind together into a smooth batter.  Divide into 6 muffin cups and bake at 160 degrees C. I bake for about 15 minutes and test to see if they are cooked through.  (sorry I am not too precise on the time but it does vary on how big your muffin cups are)

Enjoy with, or without, a dab of butter.....

Oh yummy, that his the spot



  1. lovely fabrics Cath and thankyou for sharing your muffin recipe i will be trying this one.xx

  2. I LOVE the letter/postcard fabric, I am going to have to see if I can find anything similar. And those muffins! I just got home from the store, and successfully left all manner of carbs (which I have been craving) on the shelf. But that photo and the fact that it is well below freezing here has me wishing I had succumbed. LOL

  3. It certainly was hot here yesterday...but you achieved so much just the same.

  4. Had to chuckle when I read the list of things that kept you out of the Creation Station. That is almost the same list I could write that keeps me from working in my studio.

  5. your fabrics in your creation station look so pretty... I think many of us buy fabric simply because we think its lovely and it can come home and be petted...
    I must try those muffins... I love dates and I love muffins...

  6. Lovely fabric stash and thanks for sharing your yummy muffin recipe

  7. Ooooh muffins - yum. I haven't done any baking for aaaaaaaages! I'd have bought the postcard fabric too - even if only to see the styles of handwriting from all the countries - fascinating!

  8. Muffins look so yummy! Wish I could eat one. Love that postcard fabric.

  9. Hi Cath...the muffins look great.
    Could use a little bit of that heat you are experiencing !
    It is bitter, crispy cold here in Pennsylvania, USA.
    Love the fabric ;)

  10. Those muffins look so yummy Cath! It is very cold here, I will wave some cooler air your way and you can wave a little bit of heat my way...I live in the south and we usually have mild to moderate winters...this year has been horrible...down to 14 degrees tonight...ugh...

  11. I think 2 metres might make a great backing ...
    Muffins look great...might just have time to make a batch for tonight - see you there!

  12. The letter fabric would be great borders on a quilt for a traveler or someone overseas (like Aussie Hero Quilts)


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