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Thursday 16 January 2014

Fairies in my Garden.....Weatherman on my roof

Let's start at the beginning........What do you buy men and boys for Christmas? Well my boys are not too hard especially when I demand a wish list from them but Hubby? he is a different kettle of fish! Then it hit me like a 'bom' one night when I was watching tv. Hubby follows the B.O.M (Bureau of meteorology)site religiously and the household gets regular weather reports as the week progresses. Well, would you believe it, they sell weather stations at Bunnings (I had no idea such a thing existed).

He was so delighted when he opened his present  but on scaling the roof to find a spot to put it, found that a few repairs were needed before he could go ahead.  Yesterday, finally, was the day for the weather station to be mounted on the roof but first it had to be assembled.

First came out the little screwdriver set......I am not allowed to touch this set as I lost some of the last set *oops*
Reading the manual, very carefully........
Things are starting to take shape........

......and then up on the roof.  It was about this time that he came rushing inside to tell me about our little visitors on the front lawn. A little Superb Blue Fairy wren and his entourage of female followers were flitting about in the trees.  This was a very exciting moment for both of us as we have been spotting them all over on our dog walks but never this close to home.  My only thought at this point was 'where is my camera and do I have time to change lenses'.......good thing I know EXACTLY where my zoom lens is atm. They are such zippy little creatures and by the time I got my camera set up for a shot, they had moved further down the yard. I managed to get this shot of the little male before they were gone.

yes, I do believe in Fairies!

It is such a shame that you can't see just how brilliantly blue his feathers are so I have searched the internet for another picture

So, there you go.....Fairies in my Garden and you thought I was being fancyfull!

As for the weather man, this is the other bit that is in the house and displays everything we need to know about the weather and it is as local as you can get since it is set up on our roof.


  1. What a brilliant present, our wrens are a little dull in comparison what amazing colours xx

  2. You have just given me a wonderful idea for my Hubby's birthday pressie... he is always on the BOM site plus others xxx

  3. Fantastic..I was wondering when the fairies would appear..you are clever. Looking at your weather station it would be better for you to be sewing outside.

  4. stunning little bird in your garden...what a great gift for someone who loves to keep a weather eye on the horizon...

  5. Great gift love the little gorgeous little bird in your garden.

  6. What a great gift, I'd love a weather station on my roof too! And I love those little fairy birds - the colouring is gorgeous.

  7. Oh my....I LOVE wrens ! They are my most favorite bird.
    I was shocked to see this amazing picture you have of the Blue Fairy Wren !
    Wrens here is USA are not nearly as colorful, but still beautiful.

  8. Beautiful bird - I would love to have those visiting in my yard! My husband is always checking the weather channel as well - is it a guy thing?

  9. My hubby has a weather station similar to this one, though quite a bit older. He loves it. Good choice!

  10. What as very clever present - much better than socks & jocks - I never knew you could get that sort of set up either!
    Ill be getting one for the next birthday


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