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Thursday 10 January 2013

It's Heating Up Alright

This is so scary....look at that purple patch....temps of 54deg C!!! When I saw this weather map flash up on 'The Project' last night, I was mystified as I thought that was a cold patch until I saw this pic. Now apparantly it didn't actually get to that high temp but the thought of it is just unbearable.  Look at little Tassie......I can't wait for us to become friends.

For the last week or so, all anyone has talked about has been the weather, the heat and the fires. It's on the tv, the radio, when you go to the shops, at work and even when you bump into the neighbours. Miss M and I have spent the last 3 days indoors with the AC. Clover is here today as well to visit with Callie and Lila so we are going to go out and keep wetting their bellies.  This works better than dousing them all over with water as their wet fur traps the heat in.  Ahhhh, that livened them up, now they are having a little play!




  1. boy that would be unbearable.xx

  2. Oh I feel so sorry for you all in Australia, that is unbelievable that it can get that hot , scary indeed !! Keep cool if possible. hugs Sheila

  3. They both look happy! I can't imagine that heat. We get about 43* at the most in July. Stay cool....

  4. Unbelievable. Stay safe and try and stay cool!

  5. Love your fur babies! It's hard for them when it's hot. I live in Vermont and today we are having a heat wave also although its 35 degrees. Last week it was minus 10!


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