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Saturday 7 April 2012

A Walk in the Park

I think I might take a break from quilt blogging today. Remember the other day when I said I would love to take my camera on my dog walk. Well, hubby walked with me yesterday evening so it was managable.  I love walking with my dogs, they make me smile every step of the way.  Callie is quite settled now at (almost) 6 years old. Happy to just plod along.  Lila is getting better everytime I take her out and we have come to a compromise that works best for both of us.  A 5m extendable lead!! I let her roam with it, she comes straight back to me when I call her back. Occasionally we still get wrapped around a tree, but she is learning my commands:  "this way" for change direction and "here" to walk next to me, "leave" when she finds the odd naughty something to eat  and most importantly "stop" when we reach a road to cross.

But I digress...back to the photos
Even though we only live 13km out of the CBD, we are lucky enough to be in a green belt making it feel like we are back to nature. My hubby likes to go by the creek bridge everyday to check on the long necked turtles living there. Look carefully near the lily leaf with his head poking out the water.
Over the last couple of days we have also seen a Sacred Kingfisher diving for tit bits and also a really large Eastern Water Dragon sitting in a nearby tree. Callie loves to see the Water Dragons.  They run really fast and she is fascinated by them. 
At their usual spot, at a bend in the creek, she thought she spotted one.....but alas, not today. I am just happy not to have seen a snake today.

This is my favourite part of the walk through the park.  I love the way the sun filters through the trees. When it rains, the waterway next to the path is running fast with water and the dogs love to run through there. It is getting pretty dry at the moment.

I tried to capture a photo of Lila but she does not stay still for too long. I thought I got her, with her ear flipped over, but she got distracted again. 
Now that was just a little peep into the rest of my world!

Keep your needle threaded!



  1. Really great photos ,what a great place for walking with the dogs ,thanks for sharing . Hugs Sheila

  2. What a fun walk and such interesting scenery! Love the look on Callie's face...priceless. Thanks for sharing a little in your part of the world. :o)

  3. Thanx for following me (via SEW MANY WAYS). I'm liking your blog and, when I have more time, will check it out further. Following you back Cath. Sharon


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