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Thursday 5 April 2012

Wednesday's WIP & TIP

I have had a lovely Sunday Wednesday. No alarm to wake me up and when I went to say hello to my girls, the air was so fresh, we just had to go for a walk.  I wish I could take my camera on my walks but it is hard enough managing the two dogs, let alone trying to snap some photos.

After I came home and caught up with the emails, facebook and blogs while I had my toast with marmalade and coffee, it was off to the creation station to work on "Merry, Merry Snowmen"
I had quite an epiphany while making the 2 square-in-a-square blocks.  How often have I made these blocks and pinned the folded small squares to the corner of the large square? How often have I been annoyed at the fabric moving and stretching (even with pins) and end up with wonky edges and mishapen squares.

*imagine light bulb switching on here* Now where is my glue stick?

I ran the glue stick along the folded edge and then lined it up square with the bigger square and finger pressed it down to stick...sorry about the unfocused photo below.....where are my darn glasses!!!
now to the sewing machine to sew along the line that in now glued firmly in place.
And so to cut the excess off....
here are two sides of my square in a square blocks

no wonky edges.....I am a genius!!!

Remember those triangles I cut off, well I have read all over blogland to sew them together and make little half square triangles for another project so I did that too.

Well block one is constructed and ready for the applique to go on.  I have actually started that too but no photos just yet.

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Keep your needles threaded!



  1. This is a great tip - thank you.

  2. What a FANTASTIC tip Cath! Loving the looks of that Merry Merry Snowman block. :)

  3. Great tip. I can relate to wonky edges on those square in a square blocks.


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