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Tuesday 10 April 2012

Tuesday Treasure - Snap

I prepared this post earlier than you will all see it because I have a busy schedule coming up and I don't want to miss out on Melody's Tuesday Treasure. Now it has taken a bit of thought to come up with a treasure this week.....but in the end I had to pick my trusty camera.

I quite often live important events through the lens of a camera, even though it is hit and miss whether the photos turn out how I want them to, but since starting this blog, my camera has, more than ever, never been very far from my side and I snap everything that might possibly end up in my post. 

A few years ago, I entered a couple of my photos in the local ag show competition and, after seeing all the other amazing entries, was blown away when I got 1st prize.  This is the photo that was taken with my old fashioned SLR.

Taken in our back garden after a rain shower.

Currently I am using a Sony NEX3 similar to this one, an amazing little gadget. It is so light but has all the features of a SLR with interchangeable lenses.
I can get pretty arty with it too, if the urge arises.

So there you are.....my camera......my tuesday treasure! Thanks for visiting and don't forget to head on to Melody's blog to see more tuesday treasures.



  1. Lovely pictures of flowers - cameras are just useful - good for quilt layouts and blogging.

  2. Gorgeous photos Cathy. Where would we bloggers be without our trusty cameras....although I could certainly do with a few lessons as I am certainly a shoot and miss type of girl.

  3. Wow, thats a great camera, beautiful photos Cath.

  4. Oh a great treasure... I know what you mean about always seeming to have a camera handy since starting blogging - I am the same - and some of the things I take a photo of - just in case... my family think I'm nuts! Your photos are absolutely beautiful.

  5. I always love your photos and so your camera is a great choice for Tuesday Treasures. Thanks for playing along.

  6. What gorgeous photos Cath. As a (currently in hiatus) scrapbooker I completely understand the urge to have your camera with you constantly to take those photos you can never plan for. Unfortunately my current camera has died on me so am just waiting for enough funds to purchase a new one. Cheers,

  7. A good camera is a great treasure. I love your Frangipani shot, the colurs & contrast are beautiful. However I think you have done even better with the sht of the tulips, stunning. Show us more! Tracee xx

  8. What beautiful pictures Cath! My camera WAS my treasure as well until it cracked last week while I was out and about in the pasture. It fell and cracked the lens. Now trying to find enough funds to purchase a new one. Seeing the pictures yours takes, I think I will consider that model! I too always have my camera handy for blog pictures and now I had to begin using an old, old one we had lying around. UGH

  9. You certainly know how to use a camera , lovely photos and a treasure for sure :-)

  10. Gorgeous photos! I agree that a camera is a treasure, so wonderful to have a visual reminder of all our memories.


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