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Tuesday 20 March 2012

Tuesday Treasure - Quilt Challenge

For this weeks Tuesday Treasure, I am revisiting my journey for:

A Yorkshire Dream

This was a quilt challange for the end of year 2011 Xmas Party at my quilting group. The challenge was to make a quilt that depicted your birthday.  The only criteria was to use the colour of my birthstone (either a lot or a little)

I was born in Yorkshire and wanted to make that part of my quilt. So an idea began to form in my head but I had no idea how to proceed so I thought I would start with a sky and I wanted to piece it so I cut 2.5" strips, then cross cut them into 2.5" strips and then sewed these into 9 patch squares.

 And before too long I had a piece of patchwork that would work well as a sky.
Everything was going as expected but without a pattern, I was unsure how to create the hills I had in mind. Next step was to google for a picture of hills that would suit my image.....
I think I found the right one and so now to add the hills to the picture....not sure if I used the best method for this but I just went with my instinct and it turned out ok.

 Adding a Jonquil by raw edge applique

And a fence and then comes the bit that I was dreading the most..............freemotion quilting!!! I was sure I would ruin it at this stage.

A close-up view of the raw edge applique of the fence.

These trees were a last addition but necessary to hide an oopsie....quilted with little pebbles and look great...so far so good!

the raw edge applique horses....just magical! what a clever sewing machine I have!
After I added the border, I thought it lacked some oomph, so I fm quilted some pebbles all the way around. My mum says this depicts the coal from Yorkshire. I never thought of that.

And here it is.  I got 3rd place for my little quilt and was really chuffed as this was my first ever quilt challenge entry and it has become a "Treasure" to me.
All the clues are here, wonder if you can decipher the month and year of my birth date?


  1. Such a wonderful quilt. You are so clever and talented.

  2. Well I can't figure out your exact birthdate but the quilt is wonderful!


  3. Well I am thinking your birth stone might be aquamarine or sapphire and daffodils and daisies....hhmm spring. March or September????
    Your quilt is really lovely. You are so clever.

    1. On the right track Michelle. My birthstone is aquamarine and that is a Jonquil which is my birth flower. I will give you Spring

  4. Wow, what a gorgeous quilt! I can see myself right there in the pasture, daydreaming about horsies and flowers :0) Beautiful work!

  5. Hi I saw your link on Tuesday Treasures and your title made me come and have a look. I was born in Yorkshire too and now live in France! Your quilt is stunning. I think your quilt looks like spring so I would say your stone is aquamarine.

  6. I was born in March and I recognize the jonquil as the birth flower. And the sky is a lovely aquamarine. Also, there are 7 fence posts, so I'm guessing March 7th? Beautiful work!

  7. Oh wow! What a fantastic quilt! You did such an amazing job on it - love love love :)


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