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Sunday 30 June 2013

Go West 3 (QT)

(Go West) Life is peaceful there
(Go West) In the open air
(Go West) Where the skies are blue
(Go West) This is what we're gonna do

"Go West dada-da-dada....go west" Yep, still singing it!!

With lunch over, we were back on the road again and after a short trip back to the western suburbs of Brisbane and Patches in Indooroopilly.  Indooroopilly is an Aboriginal name and possible meanings are either "gully of leeches" UGH! or "Gully of Running Water". Surely, it must mean the 2nd one!

This is another of my favourite shops in the region.  It is really tricky to get here unless you are familiar with the roads in this area as it is on a little service road which is easy to miss. I remember once going there with friends and we missed the turn off, not once, but twice! By this time we were laughing so much, I am suprised we didn't miss it again.

We walked into the shop decorated in aqua blues with lanterns hanging here and there from the ceiling and the smell of new fabrics was just delicous.  I wonder if that comes in a spray bottle or scent sticks? 'cos I love that smell.

There are lots of fabrics in this store that are just my cup of tea but what excited me most was finding a copy of the latest Vignette Magazine.  You may have seen this magazine, possibly even be doing the mystery quilt that is being published.  That is my interest and I purchased issue 10 and put my name down to purchase the next 3 that will be published for this year.  Who knows, I may become totally addicted and never stop wanting them.

I also caved and bought a little quilt kit.  Very easy but I just loved the fabrics and the pattern. AND, who can resist fabric with writing on it.....well I can't so I got myself whatever was left on the bolt (not much left)
A terrible photo, but you get the idea of the kit I bought.
 The free pattern here was for an iPad cover but the girls had a super idea for all the little charm squares we have been given along the way and did a demo on how to make a little twister quilt.  Theirs looks super and since I have a little twister tool, I think I will someday get around to doing just that.

Ready for the last stop on the Quilters Trail?  You won't believe what I bought there!! Really, make sure you drop by tomorrow.  I am so excited!


  1. I'm glad you managed to find the shop this time!
    I haven't heard of Vignette - is it an Australian magazine? Could I have a peek???

  2. Oh you are having so much fun singing I can just imagine everyone joining you in the chorus :-))))))
    Plus all those lovely purchases !!!!!!!!!

  3. What lovely shops you have been visiting! Can't wait for tomorrow.


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