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Saturday 8 June 2013

Photoaday recap

The Photoaday project got the better of me towards the end of May and I opted out for a couple of weeks but the good thing is you can get back on board at any time so here is my contribution for the first week of June

Day 1 - B is for

 B is for Blossom.....I just had to use this shot out of my archives for this one because I love it so much.

Day 2 - a moment

 I love this photo of Callie at the moment she thought she spotted a Eastern Dragon Lizard in the creek.

Day 3 - On My Table

I took the photo of this centrepiece on my table really early one morning when I spotted it bathed in sunlight.

Day 4 - After Dark

I remember the Ooohs and Aaahs we expressed when Miss M and I saw this after dark sight.  It makes this photo really special.

Day 5 - Environment

This photo was taken at Lough Key, Ireland when my brother, mum, daughter and niece spent an enjoyable day together exploring the local environment.  It was the last day I spent with my brother who passed away 10 months later.

Day 6 - Transport

Another great memory taken from the top deck of a tourist bus in London.  The bridge is Tower Bridge.

Day 7 - Bright

A chance to think outside the box.  Who doesn't love a bright array of stationery, especially textas!

I mostly used photos from my archive this week but it was memorable going back over photos that fit the prompt and remembering good times.

I would love to know which is your favourite out of my Photoaday shots.


  1. It's hard to just pick one, Cath! I love the Eiffel Tower one because of the unusual angle that is taken from, but love the quaintness of the bridge...but I 'm also drawn to the photo of Lough Key because of the contrast of light and shade and an air of mystery about it :-)

  2. They are all wonderful Cath but I think my favorite is of Callie. Her expression is priceless.

  3. Great photos! my favourites are the blossom and Lough Key!!

  4. your blossom photo is amazing and I love the look of Callie's stare. Dogs can look so intense if they are keen on the target.


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