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Tuesday 25 June 2013

Quilters Trail (North) 2

It was quite an eventful drive up the freeway to our next stop, The Patchwork Angel at Forest Glen. There was quite a delay of stop, start driving for about 2 kilometres and we were all speculating what the hold up could be. Some said roadworks and others felt sure it could only be an accident to cause such a traffic jam. They were all wrong and it turned out to be nothing but a car broken down on the side of the road being attended to by a road patrol with flashing lights. Once past it all, and glad that no-one was hurt, we were off again.

 Not much further down the road, we had a caravan suddenly pull in front of our mini bus with only inches to spare and our vigilant bus driver (with the help of 20+ backseat drivers all yelling things like "look out", "oh sugar", "oh dear" but suprisingly nothing much more expletive - oh sugar made me giggle afterwards.) was able to avoid a really bad accident. I saw it all happening from my up front seat, in what felt like slow motion, and heard myself call out "careful" just as the busdriver noticed himself and put on the brakes rather severly. It was a close call and left us all a little shaken. We were glad to get off at the patchwork shop but I was ironically perturbed to be greeted at the door by an "angel"
can you see her pink wings?
 Anyway we were here and this was the shop that I was looking forward to the most so I didn't dilly dally too much and rushed inside.  One of the reasons I was so looking forward to coming here was that Lynette Anderson designs were often well stocked but I was disappointed to learn that her line has been discontinued at the Patchwork Angel and there wasn't much in stock.  There were lovely fabrics as always and great patterns but none of them screamed that they wanted to come home with me today.  In the end I did find a sweet stitchery which was enough to get my passport stamped and get me a store pattern which was a cute owl pincushion which also holds scissors and thread. There was also a demo on using coloured pencils to colour in your stitcheries but I missed that.

The Patchwork "Angels" all dressed up in those lovely pink wings had also done a great job in decorating the shop in pink. The shop does have a lovely selection of Tilda fabrics, patterns and various gift products.  So prettily displayed in this little corner as you enter the shop.

I also loved this display of hearts

Next stop - Cooroy Drapery.

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  1. What a lovely shop! I am glad that the bus driver was so quick to react and that you are all fine. I could never go on a trip like that with all those lovely fabrics....I would have NO money left upon my return! Looking forward to the next shop.

  2. Great news about the bus driver and of course all the drivers in the back being so alert

  3. Glad you arrived safely. It is a lovely shop, shame they didn't have any of Lynette Andersen's things. I think she has her own shop up there now. Hugs......

  4. The journey sounds pretty scary - glad you all arrived in one piece!!

  5. I've enjoyed all your shopping reports - shame about the "altercation" - but yes - there is often one who messes it up. Looks like you will have to do a day trip to Marcoola and visit Lynette Anderson happy land...


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