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Monday 10 June 2013


Its all been about secret sewing lately, keeping me very busy, but not being able to blog about it is killing me so.....here is a peek!

 LOL.....I know it is rather vague but it is afterall supposed to be a secret!

On another note, I have posted on my other blog for the first time in months. You might find it interesting to see what I cooked up in my kitchen this weekend. 


  1. Oh drats!!!! That is just a peek!! Awww....can't wait!!! lol
    Cheers, Anita.

  2. nice sneak peek Cath,lol,teaser.xx

  3. Oh gosh, you are killing me! lol

  4. That photo is intriguing, Cath! lol

  5. Cmon Cath - can't we have just a little bigger peek????

  6. you can show me....I won't tell, I promise ! xx debbie

  7. Do you deliberately set out to torture us or was it accidental? Either way that in no way qualifies as a 'peek'! It's almost a blank photo for goodness sakes. OK.. it's red... there is a chimney... I'm guessing Christmas. Am I getting warmer? :o))


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