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Tuesday 25 June 2013

Quilters Trail (North) 4

Oh dear I think my hormones got me a little hot under the collar on my last post.  Rant over now though and the last leg of our drive back south was much quieter and shop four today was Sew This and That at Morayfield near the shopping mall.

 I do love the array of fabrics at this shop and was not disappointed but what I looked at first was the haberdashery shelves. There was quite a large selection and since I know that Miss M is looking for some self covering buttons with metal backs, not available at Spotlight, I decided I would get her some if available. I was so pleased to find some and bought her two packets. She is making some earings with them and I hope she will make me some for finding them!! :) *ulterior motive much?*

rather a hasty photo so it is a bit blurred.
I spent so long looking at the haberdashery and deciding which fabric to get (just had to face the fact, I couldn't get all of it!) and making several trips to the back of the store to get "another" matching bolt of fabric that I ended up being the very last person to get served.

This meant I did not have many photos of our visit here.  While waiting in line I snapped a photo of one the many paper pineapples hanging from the ceiling much to the bemusement of the young girl serving me.

And if you guessed that this store was all about YELLOW, you would be right.  Their free pattern was for a machine needle case.  After I got my passport stamped it was a quick step back to the bus before I got left behind.

So back to the point of origin, Quiltessentials.  This is my local so I JUST had to buy something here to get my passport stamped before I gathered my belongings for the quick drive home.

Quiltessentials is decked out in red at the moment and shop owner, Claudia has got some stunning red fabrics but I actually don't need any red at the moment so I ended up buying a kit for a lap quilt. The fabric is big dots in a blue ombre design.  It caught my eye the minute I walked into the store to collect our passports and after a very quick decision, it was all mine.

Back home for a cup of coffee and a chance to drool over my purchases for the day.  I just can't wait for next week and our bus trip heading West.

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I will be posting pictures of my purchases on my facebook page . Click HERE or the facebook link on my side bar.


  1. Hello Cath,

    Enjoyed jumping on the bus with you looking at all the lovely shops. Enjoy your new patterns and fabrics.

    Happy days.

  2. lovely post Cathy,you had a wonderful day shopping.xx

  3. Thanks for the trip Cathy - it looks like you had a great time!

  4. I always enjoy seeing different fabric shops, thank you.

  5. Loved reading about your trip North... really looking forward to you 'going west'! Oh boy... I've come across women just like Jumbo Ric Rac Woman. Personally... I'd have been tempted to strangle her with the stuff! Well done you for not doing anything that would get you arrested!


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