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Saturday 29 June 2013

Go West 2 (QT)

Gatton is out West in the Lockyer Valley where all our local fruit & veggies are grown. We drove past fields and fields of veggie crops and played a guessing game as to what they might be. I spotted green and coral oakleaf lettuce, cabbages and carrots. I only wish we could have stopped for a photo but as we were keeping a tight schedule and there were plenty of roadworks to delay our trip, I dare not ask for a photo op!

Even with the roadworks, we arrived at our next destination in Ipswich with plenty of time to have a good look around which was just as well as I had never been to this shop before.

What a sweet little shop located in an old little house.  It was like making your way from one Aladdins cave to the next as you came across yet another little room filled with yummy fabric, threads, haberdashery and even everything Christmas.  And Patterns? My word, there were certainly plenty of them.

The colour theme was light green at this shop but I was way tooooooo busy drooling to take much notice of the balloons around the ceiling.  I purchased  a metre of some very interesting fabric, 4 Christmas fat 1/4s, a stitchery pattern and a book of mini quilts as I fell in love with one on display, from the book, which took pride of place near the cash register

If you have been taking notice of my blog, it is remotely possible that you know that I have wanted to make a schoolhouse quilt forever.....this is my chance to do it! Isn't it absolutely gorgeous!!

Leaving this shop, I was relieved to know we were heading for an early lunch at the local League's club.  To say I was starving was an understatement and the reason I was so hungry was because I had to skip breakfast. Here's why..........The bus was leaving Quiltessentials at 7:30 so I set my alarm (on my smart phone) for 6:30 and another alarm for 7:10 (to remind me it was time to get to the shop).  I checked and re-checked (3 times infact) and I went to sleep happy that I would wake up in time.  Imagine my panic when the alarm went off AT 7:00..........WHAT THE!  I dashed around like Flash Gordon.....showered, washed and dried my hair, slapped on some make-up, got dressed in unironed jeans, grabbed essentials like purse, phone, shopping bag.  Believe me, I have never moved so fast in my whole life and I got to the shop at 7:25, just in time to not get left behind, but I didn't have time for breakfast.  It was only when I was on the bus and had a moment to take a breath that I started to think why my alarm, that I checked 3 times, had failed me.  DUH moment! I had set it to go off on Wednesday when it was in actual fact a Thursday. Well I gave everyone a good laugh with that story.

Lunch was delicious even though the service was not as good as we would of expected since we had booked a table and only had an hour to order and eat.

Next stop..........Indooroopilly..... (say it like this:  "In-doo-roo-pilly" try it slow and then speed it up. Does is sound like you originally read it?). I love this next shop!

Oh...Oh...Oh, by the way before I go, Kaye from Kitten Stitching is having a giveaway to celebrate her Blogoversary.  Gorgeous little prizes (don't know why I am telling you all this as now there is less chance for me to win) so head on over and visit Kaye, say hi and tell her I sent you (gotta earn brownie points)

As for my own giveaway, I will be doing the draw on Monday so keep your comments coming in. No idea what I am on about......check it out HERE!



  1. I laughed out loud Cath when I read what you'd done with your alarm!!
    Glad you made it in time!!

  2. This looks like an interesting shop, will have to try and visit there one day. Hugs.....

  3. Ok now I am singing the song go west by village people....... Love the blog and the little shop:-)))

  4. Lucky you woke up when you did and had a good nights rest. Usually when I oversleep like that it's like I haven't slept at all. At least you had a nice day out!

  5. Even though you missed breakfast, I am glad you didn't miss the bus! Great shop!

  6. Glad you woke up in time and didn't miss out on this lovely shop , looks like a real,treat of a place to be.

  7. Those smart phone are not rally so smart are they?? why didn't it say "this alarm is not for tomorrow - are you sure you want to continue??"!!!. Lovely shops for the day - a lot of travelling in between isn't it?

  8. Sounds like a fun day out. At least once you were on the bus you could relax!


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