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Tuesday 25 June 2013

Quilters Trail (North) 3

I am pleased to report that the next stage of our trip on the Freeway up to Cooroy was more relaxing. We did not stop at the Patchwork shop first though. Our first stop was at the Cooroy RSL for a lovely lunch. They did a really good lunch time service and glancing down the table at the meals, all looked really yummy. Some ladies had wine or beer with their lunches but I opted for a Latte. Unfortunately, or maybe, as far as my hips are concerned, fortunately, we did not have time for dessert.

some rustic artwork also functioning as seats in the wide main street near the RSL
 A short stroll down the main street of this lovely little country town and we found ourselves at the Cooroy Patchwork/Drapery Shop.

Orange was the colour option chosen in this shop and we walked in the door through an arbour covered in orange butterflies.
 In the past this shop has been my least favourite and I was not expecting to find much to interest me but there was a new array of patterns and I had trouble deciding which one I wanted to make the most so ended up buying two!
The pattern asks for some jumbo ricrac which I also found available and a 50cm piece of fabric that would look so sweet in the cushion (middle of bottom samples in photo above). I am loving this little shop again.  I found a cute pattern which some of my Cat loving followers would love but there were no patterns left *insert sad face here*
no patterns left for Nutmeg
I was not really pleased to have an altercation with one of the other ladies at our stop here.  It seems she wanted Jumbo ric rac too and indicated that she was waiting in line to buy some.  I graciously handed it over to her and then she declared she wanted 4m of it which annoyed me as there was clearly not much more, if that,  available.  As I only needed 45cm and my friend also wanted 45cm, I asked her to make sure they cut ours first as we were the ones that found it first but she seemed to not be agreeable to this. It annoyed me more that she was in actual fact NOT waiting in line and I eventually got to the counter before she had even finished her shopping.  I asked the tour leader to ask her to join me in line as I needed my piece cut and she was still reluctant to hand it back to me. While we were stood there she suddenly decided it was not what she wanted and just about threw it back at me.  Grrrrrrr! There is one in every situation, isn't there?

Anyway, I spent plenty to get my passport stamped and get another pattern.  This time it was a little dilly bag and a paper pieced coaster.  I also bought a kit for this pattern, in pink.  I may make it as a raffle for our Pink Week at work which raises money for breast cancer.

Back to the bus for our trip back down the freeway and a visit to Stitch This and That at Morayfield.

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  1. What a shame that that 'ric rac' woman had to be so unpleasant :-(

  2. There's always one isn't there???
    I love that seat in your first phóto!

  3. Glad you survived that lady. People can be so nasty and why? They only make fools of themselves in the end. Hugs.....


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