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Saturday 8 June 2013

Spreading a little Sunshine

Has everyone heard of a "Sunshine Box"?  I first came across this idea earlier this year while blog surfing.  I wish I could remember which blog it was so I could give them credit but the idea stuck in my head and I long forgot the place where I first saw it.

The right reason to make a Sunshine Box became evident to me a few weeks ago when someone I work with really needed cheering up.

I have mentioned before that I work with an amazing team of people.  Not too long ago we had a new member join our Customer Service team and it didn't take long for this lovely lady with an amazing spirit to become a much loved part of my working week but recently she needed a lift. What better way than with a Sunshine box.

I started looking for yellow "sunshine" items to put in the box and found
  • Butterscotch Tim Tams
  • Caramel Lindt Chocolate
  • Honey, Lemon and Menthol drops
  • Twinings Camomile, honey and Vanilla tea
  • Yellow bodywash
  • Yellow novelty shower scrub
  • A yellow polka dot coffee mug
  • Yellow lollies like bananas, yellow gummy bears and a variety of others (yes, I sat and picked out the yellow ones with a pair of kitchen tongs! and packaged them in a yellow box with cellophane   and ribbon) 
  • balloons, yellow boa and a bobble headband (for fun)

Here is everything packaged in the box and all that was left was to do was decorate the outside of the box.  I searched Pinterest for ideas and/or printable labels that I could use and then added some silk gerbera flowers that I deconstructed and attached to the box with buttons and ribbon and lastly tied it all together with a big yellow bow.

I wanted smiles, and didn't expect tears....oh no! But the smiles were soon back when the box was opened.  You gotta smile when you open a box of sunshiny happiness.



  1. oh Cath this was a wonderful idea and what a lovely friend you are.xx

  2. I've never heard of a sunshine box but what a great idea !

  3. What a great idea thanks for sharing !!!!!!!!

  4. What a terrific idea...
    Who doesn't like to receive a gift ?
    (and for no specific reason other than kindness. ;)

  5. That is such a thoughtful thing to do - I am sure you have a friend for life now.

  6. What a wonderful gift to give your workmate and I'm sure by now your friend. Hugs.....

  7. What a lovely gesture! I am sure you did bring much sunshine to her life with such a thoughtful gift.

  8. Cath , that is one of the sweetest ideas I have ever seen and i have a friend who could use a sunshine box , thanks for the idea , I bet your friend was thrilled!

  9. What a great idea! Darling!

  10. What an awesome idea Cath! To be able to bring a little sunshine into someones life.

  11. Hi Cath,
    That is an amazing idea and one I will keep stored
    in my memory banks. I bet your work mate feels really
    special, it was a kind gesture.
    Cheers, Anita.

  12. Such a good idea! Thanks for sharing. I think I will make up a couple of these to have on hand. Think I know where the first one is going now.

  13. So bright and beautiful and fun! I'm putting this on my Pinterest board for gift ideas.


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