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Saturday 31 May 2014

Mariners Compass - May NewFO

I have had a new project on the cards for some time, thinking it will be my NewFO for the month (for the last 3 months) but it hasn't eventuated yet. With all the upset at home recently, I didn't think I would get anything up for May but last week a class came up at my LQS and I signed up to make a Mariners Compass. So my NewFO for May was decided by circumstance and the planned project is once again on the back burner.

As you probably know, the Mariners Compass is all about paperpiecing.  I have done paperpiecing before......probably 10 years ago, so it was an opportunity to revisit and make something that has been on my "sewing bucket list" for a number of years. With sewing machine, fabric and suggested supplies, I headed off to my 'local' for a full day of {away from the stresses at home} sewing.

 After reviewing the pattern and sorting out my colourway, I was ready to get started. Everything went so smoothly for me on the day. No problems with the sewing machine, no silly getting-it-wrong-and-needing-the-quick-unpick moments. Well not too many......

checking that the fabric was placed correctly
first seam sewn
Whoohoo...off to a good start
I only had to unpick one seam when the fabric strip was not quite long enough to cover the intended blade. It wasn't long before I had four right hand side segments. I was really happy with my choice of colours (believe me, I had previously agonised over this) and also happy with how easily the segments were coming together

I started to cut the strips for the left hand side pieces of the compass and when everyone had finished their RH segments, we got the call that our pre-ordered lunch was ready. I was joined in the class by two of my favourite ladies, Zita and Lorraine, and here are their segment samples
Zita picked a similar colourway to me
Lorraine put some orange/yellow into the mix
After lunch we got cracking on the LH segments which was alot easier now that we had some practice under our belts. By the end of the class we all had a full set of segments to sew together for the Mariners Compass and I had also cut out the setting-in corners. The picture below shows (L to R) mine, Lorraine's and Zita's. I really love how Zita's blue colours have come together - better than mine, I think.

The shop sample just had a narrow outer border which I thought looked kind of boring and I wanted to add something a little more special so decided to piece together a border. Scouring Pinterest gave me some ideas but then it was a guessing game as I had to work out the measurements and even though it looks simple enough the measurement math was really doing my head in. I am not good with numbers!

It has taken me two days to figure out how to make it all fit together but with two more sides left to stitch I am sure I will have something to show and tell at my next LQS meet on Thursday.

Have you started something NEW this month?  I am linking in with Barbara at Cat Patches for:
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  1. Those blocks are just beautiful. I love all the shades of blue. I must try that pattern someday :) xx debbie

  2. A great look in blues- so good for a mariners compass.

  3. Oh wow. Gorgeous. Beautiful blues.

  4. Oh my you nailed this! Perfection

  5. Beautiful, especially love the fabrics you selected. It gives it a watercolor look, very pretty!

  6. Beyond gorgeous. The border fabric is perfect...I can't tell if it really is printed schools of fish, or if it just makes me think it is...goes perfectly with the mariner's theme.

  7. That is beautiful, what a great job you did!

  8. Don't you just love it when everything comes together so beautifully! Well done and I love your color choice.

  9. Your compass looks great Cath.

  10. An excellent project - love the colors and fabric. Yes, it is a joy when it all 'clicks'.

  11. Hi Cath... oh my goodness this is an amazing project, and I'm sure you'll do wonderfully with it! I look forward to seeing it take shape!

  12. it looks brilliant! You did a great job. This block is on my to-make list!

  13. Wow - this is just stunning. Fantastic NewFO. :D

  14. Wow! I have always wanted to make a Mariners Compass. Someday! I like your color choices. They are very sharp! No pun intended. Great job on the borders too!

  15. Mariners compass is always a challenge. I like your blues, they have good definition.


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