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Wednesday 11 December 2013

A Chat on the Porch with Wendell and Patrice

I am taking a break from my current series today to join Patrice for a chat on the Porch at Everyday Ruralty. I haven't had coffee on the porch for a really long time so it's lovely to say hello to all of you.
Here are the questions for this week - Chat 120   WOW - 1-2-0 thats awesome Patrice!


Have you baked any Christmas cookies yet? 
The answer is NO because I will just end up eating them all up before Christmas arrives.  Hubby has been on a "health kick" for the last 12 months and will not touch anything with sugar.  I am planning to make some sweet mince pies on Christmas Eve. 

Have you finished your shopping yet?
Don't you hate it when people start bragging they have finished their Christmas shopping in July!! I will be lucky to get it all done before Christmas Eve. At least I have a list......thats half the problem sorted.
If you had reindeer like the story of Santa, what would you name them. (Be creative.) Remember, they were Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolf. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go on to the next question, please.
 I am not sure where I am going here but I would probably name them after my favourite doggie pets over the years - past and present. Amber, Callie, Dee-Lila, Jazzy, Tammy, Sally, Monty, Bucksie and one with a big red nose....Bruce (because he thought he was top dog so can be top reindeer too)
Callie pretending to be a reindeer

 What was the most memorable Christmas gift you ever gave or received?
 My Christmas gift this year from my eldest son is going to be very memorable. It is some beautiful professional photos from Samantha of The Wanderers & the Wolves of my two fur-girls Callie and Lila. Obviously, I haven't received them yet but we have had two photo shoots which were a lot of fun!
visit here or here to see Samantha's talent
 Please tell me something new, interesting, or funny. Also, Wendell could use some encouraging words to feel better- just saying. :) 
 I am attending my son's graduation tomorrow.  I am ever so proud of him as he achieved a distinction on his thesis for his Masters of Philosophy Degree.

Hope you enjoyed our chat and thanks for dropping by.  Head on over to Patrice's porch (link above) if you want to chat some more.

Oooooo, before I go, here is a present for Wendell.....I found a bunch of different coloured carrots at the supermarket the other day.  I was looking forward to roasting them but you can have them Wendell!

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  1. Callie is so cute!! If Santa has a vacancy she would be leading the way.


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