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Tuesday 29 April 2014

I Read This..............

I love to read but for the past few years I have just not been able to really sink into a book until this last month.

This book has been on my bookpile for quite some time so I feel really happy to have finished it.
 HEARTSTONE by CJ Samson is set in Tudor England and follows a fictional character, a lawyer, who always finds himself in the midst of danger as he tries to solve mysteries. Although, it is fictional, there are some historical people or facts that get included in the story.  This particular plot was set around the time the French attacked England at Portsmouth around 1544, and as a result, the 'Mary Rose' was sunk in the harbour. 

It just so happened that while I was reading this, Maria from The Last Stage was visiting Portsmouth and she wrote a very interesting post about the current state of the Mary Rose. I will have to add Portsmouth to my Travel Wish List now.

This genre might not be everyones cup of tea but I just can't get enough.  I have since selected another book to read and wonder how long it will take me. Any guesses?

If you look closely at the photo you will see that for now, I need to go and grab my duster!


  1. The Dearly Beloved's cousin is the curator of the Mary Rose museum. He and his wife were part of the salvage team to raise it, and he is passionate about it. I have visited it a couple of times, and found it fascinating. For me one of the most poignant things in the museum were some shoes - such tiny little sailor's shoes, hundreds of years old. Made it very real.

  2. Its great to find one of those sorts of books - cuts into the sewing time - but still enjoyable!
    never mind the dust - we wouldn't have noticed it if you hadn't mentioned it...


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