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Saturday 12 January 2013

What a Hoot

Well it feels hotter than ever today and we are all shut away in the air conditioning as the best way to escape the heat. Miss M and Ted turned up today to take advantage of the cooler conditions.

I really felt like I had to do something today so I searched through my books and patterns and remembered this one that I got at the last Quilt Show here in Brisbane.

It only took me a couple of hours to make and though it was intended as a hand sewn project, I cheated, and sewed it together on the sewing machine.

Normally I hate reading instructions and usually fuddle along but this pattern had step by step photographic instructions on-line which made the whole process much easier to put together

Without further ado, here is my little OWL PURSE:
I will be putting this little guy into my gift box for the time being and I am going to look for some more of the hardware so I can make some more.  I think it is just so cute!

And it will hold quite a few pennies

Go here if you want to see some more of these designs

How about this photo that appeared on the news last night.  Taken off Western Australia where there is a cyclone off the coast.


That orange is a dustcloud blown from across the Pilbara.

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  1. Cath your owl purse is so cute,well done and awesome pic.xx

  2. Love the owl purse!Boy that dust cloud is huge!!

  3. That owl purse is adorable! When I first saw the last picture, I thought it was a tidal wave not a dust cloud! Wow!

  4. Your owl is adorable ,great little coin purse. Wow that photo is amazing as is the dust cloud , brave soul who took the photo!

  5. Such a cute little owl, and that photo of the dust cloud is amazing.

  6. Your owl is soooo cute! And the photo is amazing! I would not want to be the one taking the photo.

  7. The owl purse is too cute. That photo is spectacular ,thanks for sharing it. Hugs....

  8. Cute, cute owl purse! Stay cool.

  9. Your owl purse is cute. What a wonderful idea as a gift!

  10. Your owl purse is cute. What a wonderful idea as a gift!

  11. I absolutely love your owl purse!! Such wonderful detail on it!!

    The weather shot is unreal!! I wouldn't want that coming towards me! Yikes!! But I do live in California USA where the weather is BORING!! :-)

    Stopping by from SewMany Ways!!

    1. :-) I have a golden lab also!! Aren't they the best dogs?!?

  12. What a cute little owl purse and your photo of the dust storm is awesome! You're staying inside sewing because it is hot outside and I'm staying inside sewing because it is cold here :)

  13. Found you from Sew Many Ways:) Loving the owl purse! I wish I could sew, I would make so many:)

  14. How adorable. I love anything with owls! I need to learn to sew (its one of my goals this year). Found you via Sew Many Ways. :)

  15. Your owl purse is gorgeous, it looks perfect!


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