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Wednesday 2 January 2013

Something to treasure from Bobs

I wanted to show you this little gift that my 8 year old niece in Ireland,  hand made for me and sent to me for Christmas.

In the accompanying letter, she tells me that she had hardly any help making it.  I will treasure it always as this little girl (nicknamed Bobs) has had such a hard year, losing her dad (my brother) back in April 2012.

When I last visited her and her dad, I fell in love with the cat they had adopted and sat with it curled up in my lap the whole time so she knows that I like cats.  Infact something that she and I have in common, is that we both have a love for animals.

This is the cat, Lucy, asleep next to me. Can I just say the cat was called Lucy and then it was discovered that she was actually a he but by that time "Lucy" stuck. 



  1. What a treasure - and beautifully made by an 8 yo!

  2. What a wonderful gift! She did an amazing job for an 8 year old. Made with love and Lucy is adorable!

  3. My goodness, she did an amazing job for an 8yr old...truly a treasure.

  4. Wow, she did a wonderful job. Please tell her I think she is very very clever.

  5. such beautiful work,what a treasure.xx

  6. What a special treasure , I love it ,your niece is quite talented for her age!

  7. Such a special giftand it sounds like your niece is special to you


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