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Tuesday 8 January 2013

Doing some work on My Garden and my Creation Station

I was quite shocked the other day when I walked into my Creation Station to find it looking like this. I am aware it was getting to this stage but just kept turning a blind eye.

During the Christmas season, this becomes a dumping ground for items that I "just want to put out of the way". No way any sewing can get done in here at this rate so time for a quick tidy up.

That done, I set up my machine to do some sewing but alas, an error kept coming up on the screen.....aaaarghhh!!! Might be time for a service.  Thank goodness I have my Pfaff as a back up.

With that all set up it was time to do some sewing........but not before I unpicked one of the blocks that was annoying me.

Yep, all those one inch strips had to come off because I had not sewn them on correctly and it became very evident once I had sewn this block onto the completed rows.

After I sewed it back together and reattached it to the completed section, I started on the first block of row 3.

And that is all I got done in about 3 hours while also watching a few episodes of "Fringe" (Season 3). The fact is, I had to keep leaving the room as it got too hot and I had to retreat to the living room and sit under the fan for awhile which is not a bad thing as it gave me a chance to also catch up on some blogging.



  1. thats how my room looks at the minute also,lol your block is looking great Cathy.xx

  2. Darn that reverse sewing - I have just had a little bit to do too! I'm sure your Creation Station looks better now - it gives it a whole new look when you tidy up doesn't it??

  3. Your block looks great and sounds like you got a lot accomplished!

  4. A tidy sewing room, unpicking, resewing, blogging and a few episodes watched...All in 3 hours I would say that you got heaps done.

  5. Sounds like you got a lot done!

  6. Mine is AWFUL! Maybe this weekend...

  7. I love seeing other "messy" craft areas, it means I am not alone.
    However it does get to the stage when you have to tidy up, well done.
    Love seeing all your blocks

  8. Visiting from WIP wednesday. Love the reality of the mess our work areas become

  9. I love your term "creation station"! And the block is looking really cute!

  10. Wonderful bee hive, adding fabric to the embroidery? That's very clever, I love it.

  11. What a pretty stitchery project. It's going to be an awesome quilt once you get past the frustrations. :)

  12. Creation station is a term I might need to steal. My sewing room looks like Dresden during WWII. :(

  13. that is lovely stitching! I am stopping from the WIP hop, I would love to have you drop by my post: http://domesticdeficitdisorder.blogspot.com/2013/01/its-wednesday-wip.html

  14. My room seems to accumulate like that over the holidays too! Especially if I am not really working on anything...I don't feel the need to clean up! Those blocks are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!


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