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Friday 25 January 2013

It and a Bit!

One of my goals for January was to finish building the rows for Rusty's quilt and I am here to report that I have achieved it and a bit!

 It helps that I have had the week off work and that I have rearranged the creation station giving me alot more space to lay this one out and add sashings and borders.

The more my quilt started to grow, the more I wanted to see the flimsy finished, so I couldn't stop . All the rows together with the sashing and then added the borders. 

The flimsy for Rusty's quilt is done.  I didn't stop there however, and prepared the binding for when it is finished being quilted.

As I sewed, I also finished watching season 3 of Fringe and started watching season 2 of Stargate Universe.



  1. Well done you... I'm always in awe of a quilt.. one day one day... maybe...

  2. Yummy batiks! It's going to be lovely!

  3. You accomplished a great deal and a wonderful quilt has been created , great job!!

  4. you have done well Cath and i love stargate.xx

  5. That's the way to keep moving! I looks great and can't wait to see it finished. Love Stargate! :)

  6. What a beautiful quilt and of course I love, love the batiks!!

  7. Another one crossed off the list. Good for you ; )

  8. Well done it looks great,:-))))

  9. Whoa! This is cool! DOn't you love batiks? We're running through Fringe 3 right now. :)


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