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Sunday 13 January 2013

Blooming Beauty

No recent photo's here again this week.  Only mad dogs and Englishmen would go out in this heat for a long walk.......oh wait, I did yesterday for a short while when the sun was fading......and it was still extremely humid, but the doggies need a change of scenery.

I took some photos in the garden a few weeks ago when everything was still looking lush and healthy.

These leaves make an appearance every spring and summer and then we don't even see the plant until the next year. No idea what it is but they are very colourful leaves

lovely, aren't they?

And this is my white agapanthus as it was bursting into bloom.  It has since died off :( as has everything else!

Stay cool and seel the beauty around you!



  1. what beautiful pics Cathy.xx

  2. Beautiful Cath! The first two look like hostas. Have a great day and try and stay cool!

  3. Lovely photos Cath, I believe the first two are Colieous (sp) ,they have lovely large colorful leaves and are planted more for their foliage than their flowers which are rather small and not that pretty .

  4. Gorgeous plants Cath. Shame they didn't last long in the heat. If the hot weather continues you might get better mileage out of a cactus! Hope it cools down for you and the doggies very soon.

  5. You have caladiums! They are beautiful. Our yard is sparse and drab. Between the years of drought and the hungry herds of free-roaming deer through our neighborhood, nothing survives. Our back yard does have a taller deer fence, so maybe it will see some plantings and prayers for rain come spring.

  6. Kath001 beat me to it...yes you have some lovely caladiums. I had a lot of colourful varieties in pots at a house I use to rent. I moved out of there in the October and my brother who was helping me move my plants thought that they were just pots of dirt as they had died down for the winter and part of spring. He didn't put them in the trailer. I didn't think of them until summer really started and I couldn't find them...too late, so sad!Someone once told me that the older the bulb is the bigger the leaves get...don't know if that is true or not! lol


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