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Tuesday 17 May 2016

A Tidy Up

I am taking a break on my Cath@Home blog and to be truthful, I had thought I would do the same here....some days the words just flow and some days I can't string a simple sentence together. Yesterday, for what was to be my last post for awhile, I enjoyed the process and creating the photo collages...so I will see how I go for a bit longer but just so you know....a forced break is coming.

While on a break, It was my intention to spend more time in the kitchen and sewing room.....but just look at the sewing room. You can CLICK on the pictures to enlarge them.

This tidy up came as a result of running out of a particular colour of embroidery thread. I won't be in town till Friday and so went searching among my other stitcheries to see if the same colour was there....then I realised that a couple of stitcheries were missing and I couldn't find my floss boxes. I went searching in our storage shed and found at least one box in storage that had been water damaged (fortunately it only contained fabric scraps) so I went into overdrive to unpack the remaining boxes.  Trying to get everything to fit into my diminished sewing space meant some serious re-organising.

Firstly, I decided to add further top of shelf surface space by putting my wool stash into waste paper baskets which I hung on the wall. Then I had room for my everyday tools (scissors/rotary cutters and markers), my rulers are in one spot and some patterns are also within easy reach and on view.....I had forgotten about quite a few of them.....I filled up my empty basket storage with even more wool and used one of my kit baskets for WIPs....this is all next to the cutting table so within very easy reach. 

One problem I have is not enough shelving.....I bought two white 'bakers shelves' last month. They were intended as shelving for my potting shed. One is outdoors atm as a plant stand and since I have a really large sewing table....I stood this one on it in the corner to hold all my stitchery and applique BOM's...all in their own project box....On the top shelf is a box of threads, 2 boxes of cross stitch Aida scraps and below that a place that my embroidery hoops can call their own. Opposite all this, I have used the two top shelves of another basket unit to hold boxes of quilt UFO's....just so they are not out of sight, out of mind. I have used the same size/shape of storage box as much as possible to create a sense of neatness and order....those plastic food storage boxes are so affordable at dollar stores.

I did find those missing stitcheries and embroidery threads....Bric-a-Brac is also on my BOM progress wall now. I think I might have to add a few more hooks to this wall for the other BOM's that need finishing.
I still have a whole lot of fabric to sort and pack into my glass fronted cabinet and my bookcase needs an organisation overhaul.  Storage space is at a premium so I have commandeered a couple of bookcase shelves in the farmers study....and there are still a couple of containers still on my desk that will go there.....but just look at the sewing space now....

Much better, more inviting and just as well.....there is some sewing I need to get done.

 I do need to show off my little support buddy while I was busy....although she did get under foot....just a tad!


  1. Putting the waste-paper baskets on the wall for wool storage is genius! I need to do a MAJOR clean up in my office/craft room as well. LOVE your support buddy! What a sweetie. :)

  2. Its good to re organise and tidy - but it takes time - and I find I get distracted.... I have oodles of those containers =- they stack so neatly....I am lucky that we have a label maker so I can print nice neat little labels and rip them off when I finally finish something.

  3. Looks like you did a great job with all that tidying Cath! I only have a small sewing space so in order to get all that I want to in, I have to keep it all relatively tidy! Enjoy the rest of you week! Christine x

  4. Nothing like a clean up to get motivated, looks great !

  5. I can certainly relate to this post. While my sewing room is tidy at the moment, just as well, given I only moved in there 6 weeks ago and haven't done any stitching.....I have a huge pile of boxes in the middle of the room that won't fit anywhere. I have to do a bit of a cull I think......may be a lot of a cull.... Good on you for the huge effort involved and finding lost projects. I hope you can now have fun actually making something.

  6. Wow, that's quite a transformation. I always feel better when my sewing space is neat and I can find everything. Hope you got in some good stitching time after all that effort.

  7. Ok Cath, I'm wierd, but I love organizing my sewing room!! LOL!! Yours turned out fantastic!!


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