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Wednesday 30 October 2013

Regents Park

After the morning at Camden Town, I returned to the hotel to drop off my shopping and collect my camera. I decided to spend the afternoon at Regents Park. A quick glance at the map told me that there is a Rose Garden at the Park......sounds lovely!

The one thing I absolutely love about London is the Tube system.  It is so easy to use and makes getting around this huge city an absolute breeze so with a little planning it didn't take very long to get to the nearest Tube Station and a short walk later I was at Regent Park.

Regents Park, although not as big as Hyde Park, is still a very large area and I was initially a bit confused as to where I was.  Not a problem, there are plenty of "you are here" maps which kept me on track.  I was looking for Queen Mary's Rose Garden.
On the way to the Rose Garden, there was still alot to get my camera snapping. This spot is called The Avenue.

At last I found Queen Mary's Rose Garden and although nearing the end of the season, the roses were still spectacular in mass. Here are some of the single shots I took. Quite a few varieties.
Afterwards I found a park bench and sat awhile and mused over what I would do on my next spare day. Maybe the Zoo or Madame Taussards?
a lovely musing spot
Time to walk again and I made my way towards the lake (much, much bigger than the pond above) stopping for an ice-cream on the way.
This lake was enjoyed by people in those funny looking paddle boats and by lots and lots of birds. I was thrilled to catch a shot of this Heron looking for a feed.
I had a lovely afternoon strolling around this magnificent park and so many beautiful things to photograph (believe me, you are only seeing the half of it!) but this was my favourite shot of the day.
For me, this shot totally epitomises an English Summer Day!


  1. Beautiful shots thanks so much for the tour :)

  2. I agree, beautiful photos. The flowers are spectacular. Wonderful post. Hugs........

  3. What beautiful weather you had for your trip - the roses are fabulous!

  4. Wonderful photos Cath , love the one with the Heron !!

  5. Breath taking photos Cath! You had me at the very first one! Oh my, just gorgeous!


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