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Thursday 10 March 2016

Pinspiration from the High Street

These are the little tin wall plaques that I found near The Lanes, Brighton at Sass & Belle. There was a whole range of items with these designs.....shopping bags, phone covers, notebooks, tins...and more...but I really liked these wall hangings.....unfortunately the fox design was sold out. His inspiration:  "Follow your Dreams" is something I like to remind myself to do quite often.

Unfortunately, I couldn't gather and buy all the lovely little things that caught my eye so I settled for these two. Although these were very light, I had to be mindful of what I was going to put in my suitcase to return home. I had already bought those mags and the latest CJ Sansom novel.....with only 24kg max afforded to me on my domestic flight home....every little counts.

After this little excursion, I started to rethink what I might take home and Miss M, who always likes to look at postcards & greeting cards gave me an idea.  She found a couple that she wanted to frame....not that I haven't done this before but a different way of framing them came to mind....so I started to do the same. I feel a Pinspiration coming on!
I found my fox! Well you can't see him just yet, but he is one of three greeting cards that I picked up in Rye.

This is not really a tutorial but rather a "how I did it" post. Along with your preferred cards/s, you will also need a frame/s...anything bigger than the card but smaller than a 12x12 Scrapbook sheet of paper. Paper of choice. Spray adhesive...I used one specifically for vellum. Using liquid craft glue or glue stick will cause your card to distort or not sit flat or worse case scenario.....cause it to become very 'wet' and ruin your whole project. You could also use Scrapbooking double sided tape tabs. I couldn't find my scrapbook tabs but I had these other supplies readily available in my craft room. When you select a scrapbook paper design...make sure it doesn't detract from the card.

In this photo, you will see that the card doesn't quite fit the frame but that is just what I wanted.  These are cheap frames and don't come with a photo mat but that's OK too because I am going to use the scrapbook paper to fake one.

ooh! a sneak peak of my fox! Cut your piece of scrapbook paper to fit just outside the glass insert of the frame. Cut the picture side off of the card and use the spray adhesive (the great thing about the is that it is tacky for a little while so you can reposition if necessary) to glue it centrally onto the paper backing. I used cellotape to keep it in place inside the frame. Now, just put the frame back into place and it's all done....ready to hang.

I bought quite a few other greeting cards home......guess I will be looking for some more frames!


  1. Too simple. It will never work. I have quite a few cards I wish to do something similar with.....when we get moved and settled.

  2. Don't you just love how a few simple things together look so artsy and wonderfully colourful?! Love the cards. Just for those I should visit Rye too. (saw your pictures on the other blog. A true must-visit-place) I'm doing something simular with a few lovely litho's I scored a while back. Good to write about today maybe?! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Gosh seems I have missed a f ew posts!
    Love your framed cards, they are such pretty little works of art and the frames are gorgeous


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