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Saturday 12 March 2016

Move to the Country - East Sussex Edition

Christine sent me a comment saying that my post about the Mermaid Inn made her think of that show from the UK called "Move Escape to the Country". Tell me you know it? They find someone who wants to make a lifestyle change and live in the country then find them a few properties within (mostly) their budget and in consideration of other aspects on the wish list. I have a few of my own properties for you to look at and see if you want to Move to the Country!

First....in the lovely historic village of Robertsbridge. This lovely terraced row is situated off the High Street on Fair Lane and is in walking distance to schools, convenience store, two florists and Robertsbridge even has it's own train station.  Beware though, this village is so laid back, even the Boots Chemist closes up for an hour at lunch time! Nearby attractions include Bodiam Castle, Bede Forest and Battle Abbey.

 If this aspect is too quiet for you, and you prefer to be where the action is and twitching your front room curtains to peek out onto the High Street for some action....any action, then any of these lovely residences could be right up your.....er.....street.
 I love THAT yellow door and the great example of the use of bricks and Tudor (the herringbone pattern is real artistry) while that Tudor at the bottom would look fabulous in Summer when those climbing roses are blooming.

Second.....I'd like to show you my favourite property in Pevensey. It is on the High Street within a stones throw (not that you should throw stones!) of the Roman walls that encircle Pevensey Castle. Pevensey is a really lovely spot....you could walk your dogs on the common within the Roman Wall or walk to several quaint spots for a feed and/or a pint. The minute I spotted this house, I wanted to move in....so maybe I.....shouldn't...be...showing...you! There was a lovely big yard beside this house and I spied some lovely old trees and a huge greenhouse, or was it a potting shed....anyway, it was more than meets the eye. Just imagine it when that Wisteria vine is in bloom!

Just a little down the road and across the street, opposite the post office were these darling little Tudor cottages. The first one caught my eye because the walls were so irregular and the windows looked like they were about to pop out.  This is characteristic of original Tudor buildings as the timber frames were cut by hand rather than machinery. However it has made it this far and the only drawback I can find is remembering to duck when using the front door of the second cottage. There was also a huge walled garden between the two.

 If none of these tick your boxes then it's on to the Third option.  I have a few more from the cobbled streets of Rye to run past you. Who could resist the chance to live in picturesque Rye?
 This pretty little house, just opposite St Mary's Church is slightly set back from the lane and  has space to create a front garden. It already has a beautiful tree to add to the special feel of this home.
Further down the lane is this glorious stone terrace house. The windows are a very attractive diamond lead lighted lattice design and just look at that dormer window in the attic.
Right next door is this curious little house and although it has an interesting lead lighted front door, it is still one of those squat little Tudor doorways....mind your head!
This rickety little house on The Mint (so well known in the area, it doesn't need a 'st' or 'rd' or even Lane after it) has a rather unusual feature.....your very own rooftop garden.....yes that is more than moss growing up there....it is a patch of lawn.

I would love to know which of these were your favourite if you had a chance to "Move to The Country".

There is quite a selection of houses for you to pick and choose and I didn't even include most of the Tudor houses that I saw.....that is for another post with some historic facts included.

*This post is meant in jest and of course, none of these houses are for sale at the present.....as far as I know*
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  1. Great post Cath. I think my favourite is the little house opposite St Mary's. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Christine xx
    PS I saw an ad for the show last night. It is actually Escape to the Country. I didn't think it sounded quite right when I mentioned it as Move to the Country!

  2. Hahahaha! I did think about it too but Move to the Country suited my post better anyway and now I can't be done for copyright!!

  3. I am in love with the stone terrace house with the diamond leaded windows! (2nd- and 3rd-from-the-last photos) I'll take that one please. :)

  4. Pretty houses! My favorite is the Tudor with the herringbone bricks, but the diamond shaped windows on the brick house are so appealing as well. I wish I could live in a house again someday!

  5. Lovely post Cath and beautiful photographs! I like the pretty little house opposite the church best! Have a lovely weekend! Christine x

  6. All the houses are so charming! My favorite is the little house opposite St Mary's Church. I love to watch Escape to the country. They are sending it all the time on a channel here, and I think it is the third time or so I watch them :) I never get tired of the lovely houses/cottages and the landscapes.

  7. Love all the houses very hard to pick a favorite !!

  8. Thinks I'd chose no 2 years or the second last one. They are so pretty!
    I can only imagine how beautiful they are inside. Like the sound of living near the castle walls in peeve set
    Great post about the mermaid inn. Very olde world. Sounds like a must visit

  9. Love the show Escape to the Country, much to DH's disgust. My pick of your cottages is the pretty place in Rye with the tree out front. So picturesque

  10. What fun it is looking at the old houses, so different from here.. I love the stone terrace. When we visit the Isle of Man we stay in a little row up two down cottage and we love it. We also have fun looking at houses and always look in the real estate windows.

  11. Watching Escape to the Country every day, giving me the daily dose of gorgeous English cottages and other beautiful houses, I would pick Rye for sure. I loved your previous post about it and am chosing it now. My hubby and I should talk about going over the Channel some time soon. I've seen so many lovely places not to far away, it's a do-able trip for a long weekend or a week-trip for us. I've only been in England once, with a truck, so no time for sight seeign, although I did see Stonehenge then, but had no time to stop.
    Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend!

  12. Packing my bags! These were great!


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