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Thursday 31 October 2013

Windsor Castle, Bath & Stonehenge - Part 1

This week was really going fast. Only a few more days left of our holiday and one more Day trip planned. Red and I were heading for Stonehenge.

 Stonehenge has always facinated me and after years of longing to visit, I first did so back in 2006. I was blown away then and really wanted to return so I was really looking forward to this day trip. Now you may be saying, right now, "wow, crazy! it's only a bunch of rocks in the middle of a field"! Right! but I find the atmosphere quite electric. Being there makes the hair stand up on my arms. Seriously!, it does! Stonehenge was the highlight of the day but not the only stop.

First things first, this was going to be a long day and I WAS NOT going to let the slightest twinge of a headache spoil it so I popped a paracetomol with my breakfast and packed the rest in my backpack.

Windsor was the first port of call today. If you have ever been there you will know that Windsor is a lovely little town nestled right outside the walls of a looming Windsor Castle which is one of the Queens official residences. She wasn't home for our visit though.
The Railway Station at Windsor was built in the Victorian era.  Previously, Queen Victoria had to travel to Windsor by River (the Thames River reaches here) and so the Railway station was built for her to have a more comfortable and faster journey.
Queen Victoria's Steam Engine.
Because this is one of the current Queen's main residences, security is taken very seriously with airport style searches and due to the crowds, it took us an hour to get into the grounds. We were taken to the State Rooms for a tour around.  No photography allowed inside. Didn't stop me from being snap happy outside.
Due to the security screen taking so long and the heavy traffic getting here (all going to Legoland - TG) we were advised to buy some lunch to eat on the bus.  The Railway Station is also a lovely shopping precinct so after supplying ourselves with sandwiches and drinks, I hurriedly dragged Red around the little shops looking for curios.

Have a look at this phone box with a difference outside the station.:
Tomorrow I will tell you about Bath.


  1. My eldest son visited GB a couple years ago and it just happened that he was at Stonehenge for the Summer Solstice. There were tons of people of all sorts there and they were allowed to get up close and personal with the stones. He had a great time!

  2. Too bad they would not allow any photos inside the castle...looks like you had a great time.

  3. Stonehenge was one place I really wanted to see but we didn't make it. So I just have a reason for another trip, right???

  4. Very interesting post Cath. I'm looking forward to your next one as my Step Dad came from Bath and he and my Mum went there to visit family after they married. He used to tell us lots of stories about the place. hugs......

  5. I've only visited Stonehenge once but what a fabulous place!
    I'm looking forward to your Bath post too - it's one of my favourite places!


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