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Sunday 6 October 2013

Fashion Rules

Having a spare Saturday on my own, I decided to head into London, specifically Kensington Palace since there was an exhibit there called Fashion Rules featuring dresses worn by the late Princesses Diana and Margaret as well as the Queen.

Kensington Palace is at one end of Hyde Park and was the childhood home of Queen Victoria and so first off I had a wander around the royal rooms associated with her.

This is Queen Victoria's wedding dress. She was a really small woman and I was facinated to see how tiny this dress was.

Time to go and see the other exhibhit. I wouldn't have come to Kensington Palace if it hadn't been for the fact that I saw this exhibition advertised on the Tube.

The exhibit was small but I took my time walking around and around the glass cases examining all the fine detail and beautiful needleskills that went into these dresses. It started with gowns worn by the Queen to various Royal Evening Events. Mostly they were from the 50's and 60's.

Then we moved onto Princess Margaret's collection.The creation below was my favourite from Margaret's wardrobe as hers was mainly a 70s collection and I don't really find 70's style very elegant but wow, doesn't this earlier number exude elegance and style!!
And the room I was most longing to see was dresses from Princess Diana's wardrobe. Looking at  her dresses, it was really evident just how tall she was and unlike the Queen or Princess Margaret's attire, I remembed all of these dresses being worn. 

I really thought it was worthwhile doing the special trip into London to see this exhibit.  I could of done with a sandwich and coffee by now but the on site cafe was chockers so I decided to go and look at the garden before making my way back through Hyde Park to Queensway Tube Station.

This is a private garden and no access is allowed beyond these gates but you can walk the whole way round under a covered walkway.

Here are a few more of my favourite shots.

Now back through Hyde Park.  I was catching the underground to Oxford Park because that is where Liberty is so come back and visit again because next time I will be posting about that journey.

just had to take a photo of the carousel as I was passing
On the homefront: I woke up to a wheezing, coughing dog on Saturday and Hubby said he had seen Callie chewing on a stick so my first assumption was that she had something stuck in her throat and was choking.  I got Miss M over to help me take her down to the vets. The good news was she was not choking on a stick but the bad news was, she had Kennel Cough and so $200 later we came home with a bucket of medicine. One of the medications she got was an anti inflammatory  to open her throat and make it easier to breathe which I gave her straight away and the coughing stopped but about a hour later Miss M heard her having a bark at the gate and then she thought she heard the gate open so went to investigate.  She found the most awful thing. Callie was having a seizure.  She was thrashing around on the ground and throwing her head around banging it on the ground.  She called me and I raced out while she went and got the car keys.  I had to carry Callie to the car while she was still having the seizure. An exhausting exercise but I got her onto the back seat.  The whole seizure lasted about 3 minutes so by the time we got to the vet she was calm again.  The vet was amazing and gave her a thourough examination checking all her neuro responses etc, etc. We have an action plan for if it happens again and so far so good. Thankfully she didn't charge me for the second visit.



  1. Thank you for sharing your pictures of the exhibition - I would love to go too!
    I'm hoping Callie is better and the vet finds the cause of her seizures.

  2. Gorgeous photos! Love reading about your travels (have I already said that?). SO hope that Callie is better and that the vet pins down what caused it.

  3. Stunning dresses - that exhibition would certainly be worth the trip.
    poor Callie - maybe a reaction to the medicines??

  4. Beautiful photos and commentary, love the dresses !!!

  5. Wonderful post Cath I really enjoyed looking at all those dresses and the gardens. So sorry to hear about your dog. It is so hard when they get sick because lets face it they are one of the family. Hope Callie gets better soon. Hugs.........

  6. Oh my, how wonderful. And the colours in those gardens just stunning. I love the carousel and would have hopped on for a ride.


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