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Wednesday 20 February 2013

Not Happy.....Not Happy at all

Infact I would say I am at an impasse. I need to decide how to continue or I am going to lose my sewing mojo and not meet my goal for February.

So the question is.........TO.............KEEP CALM AND SEW ON

...................................... OR.................KEEP CALM AND GET THE SEAM RIPPER

I wish to goodness I had not gone with this fancy pants piping idea that I had.  It has caused endless problems sewing my quilt together.

It seemed to be going well but adding the inbetween row sashing hasn't worked a treat and I am unhappy with the results so do I keep going and hope that when I quilt it all, everything will work out....OR.....unpick all the sashing (I will need the strips to finish), take off the piping and DISCARD then just use a easy peasy little peeper.

 I am leaning towards the ripper but right now I am too despondent to do either!



  1. You should take a break before you decide. Have a cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate to soothe you and then let your mind rest. Then when you are refreshed go back to your project and then decided which way to go. Never decide while frustration is high! Hugz

  2. I agree with Wendy it might be best to leave it for a little , then revisit and if you still dislike it then rip it out as you will never be happy . Good luck with your decision.

  3. I agree with the others. Let it sit and see what you think then. Hugs!

  4. I have to agree with the ladies above. Take a rest and don't rush your decision. hugs

  5. Well I hate to sound like a broken record - but - give it a break - I am meaning at least a day - hide it - work on something else and then go back to it. If you still don't like it - rip it out and re do it - else you will be unhappy with it forever.

  6. you can do it Cath and i agree with Sharon.xx

  7. Sleep on it, definitely. It will still be there tomorrow.

  8. Take a chocolate break! Everything is better with a little chocolate to soothe the frustrations. hugs!

  9. Deep breath, a cup of coffee and fetch the seam ripper! If you're not happy with it then you never will be!


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