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Friday 1 February 2013

January Wrap Up and February Goal



1.  Get "Blue Hydrangea" flimsy sent off for quilting
      I didn't achieve this goal because when I got everything out to sandwich, the backing wasn't
      right so I had to go and look for some more backing which I found on Wednesday.

  2   Finish building rows for "Rusty's Quilt"
     TICK.  Did so well here that building rows ended up finishing up to flimsy stage.

 3.  Finish piecing "My Garden"
     I did finish this but have decided to do some reverse sewing on this one as I am not happy
     with the  set out of the blocks.
4.  Complete block 3 and 4 of "Betsy's Closet"
      TICK.  I had a suprise with this one because I thought I had to do block 3 and 4 but it turns out I
      completed block 4 and 5. Three was already done.
Non Quilty
1.  Lose 2kg this month 
     I thought I was doing well by losing 1.9kg by last week then got on the scales this week and had
     gained 900grams.   Grrrr!     
 2.  Finish reading Voyager by Diana Gabaldon
3.  Go and visit the dentist
      TICK.....made the appointment which is on Wednesday next week.
4.  Complete my Pantry makeover
      Only got one step ahead on this one by printing and laminating all the labels.


1,  cut out Spaghetti Junction quilt
2.  stitch 8a & 8b of Edwardian House
3.  piece together Teddlywinks Tea Party
4,  make a small gift for the gift drawer.

non Quilty
1.  read at least 4 chapters every week this month of new book
2.  lose 2kg this month  
3.  choose a paint for the spare room
4.  see a movie with miss M.   
Do you have any goals to achieve this month?


  1. Your doing well Cath - at this point I'm too scared to even start the list.I have high hopes that life will settle down soon..... xx

  2. You had a very successful month , lots achieved and a great list for Feb.I don't make a list but it sounds like it works , maybe I should start ;-)

  3. Oh my goodness! You have kept very busy. The blue hydrangea is so beautiful, can't wait to see it quilted...be sure to show.

    I was just going to work on my post on January's list progress, when I got distracted by reading updates from my bloglist. That's pretty much how my January has gone as a whole. :)

  4. Lots of good progress made on your list. I seem to write a lot of lists but rarely accomplish all of my goals.

  5. Great way on knocking of last month's goals Cath and good luck to this months! :0)

  6. You did well for your January goals. Good luck with those in February!

  7. Fantastic on your January goals and have fun with this months goals!!

  8. Your Blue Hydrangea Quilt is so very beautiful.

  9. Wow I love a lady with a plan, love the quilt.


  10. Your did so well with your January goals, don't worry about a small weight gain, your weight loss for the month was still great! I'm enjoying reading your goals and seeing your progress each month!!


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