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Saturday 9 February 2013

High highs and Low lows

It has been a busy week of decisions, appointments highs and lows which is why I have done very minimal blogging.

Apart from my work days, TUESDAY saw me fit in a desperately needed hair appointment and left me feeling quite refreshed and then I spent the rest of the day finishing off all block A's of Spaghetti Junction.  I still had to wait till Wednesday to see if I could get more of the spotty fabric and so had to leave block B. Decisions, decisions........If I can't get the spotty, will I just use the rest of the layer cake to make block B and end up with a small quilt OR  If I can get the spotty, I will use the lovely red fabric to make block B.

WEDNESDAY I went to quilt group  (only to find no black spotty). I then had my long overdue dentist appointment.  This was good news for me as it was just a clean and polish.....no other issues that needed attention. After doing my weekly shopping I raced off to weight loss appointment to find I had lost 1.4kg this week. YAY! Dashed back home to get ready for a dinner date with some friends from work.

THURSDAY was an awful, awful day.  One of my dear facebook friends, who is actually a friend of my eldest son, lost two of her 3 dogs in one day.  Someone tried to get into their house and left an escape route for the 2 younger dogs, Charlie and Willow, who were then hit by the same car out on the road.  A neighbour phoned her to say she had found them. (oh, I feel so sick writing this) She came home to find them still alive and raced them to the vet.  They had such horrific injuries that the decision was made to put them both to sleep.  Samantha is the most amazing photographer and she documents the lives of her beautiful furbabies all the time on facebook.  You can pop over to her page Paper Heart Photography to see how much she truly loves her furbabies and helps other animals that desperately need "forever homes". The most poignant photo for me is the two empty collars. *lump in my throat*

A photo Samantha took of Charlie and Callie (before Willow, before Lila, before Fred)

And that is mainly why I have not blogged very much this week......I am TOO SAD.



  1. So sorry to hear about the loss of your friends doggies. We just lost ours today as well. It is truly heart wrenching.

    Congrats on the weight loss!

  2. aww i am so sad for you ,RIP little puppies.xx

  3. Cath, I feel so awful for the lose of two family
    pets. It makes you mad that someone has come into
    the home and their actions have caused that grief.
    I have a lump in my throat too now.
    Hugs, Anita.

  4. Oh Cath, How horrible for your dear friend. I can only imagine how terrible it would be to lose not one, but two fur babies in such a senseless tragic manner. My love to you and your friend.xx

  5. Sorry to hear all of this, Cath, that is so sad. And all b/c of someone's heartless, evil act. :( Prayers for your friend tonight. xo

  6. So sad and so unnecessary too how sad... (how awful for the driver too)... sending virtual hugs to all those grieving loss of furry friends... Cass x

  7. How sad - I can't imagine what this would be like, off to give my dogs a big hug!

  8. I feel your pain , loosing a pet is extremely painful ,those who don't own pets really don't understand what a huge part of our lives our pets can be . Hugs Sheila

  9. Oh this is so sad about your friends pets. My heart aches thinking about how this came about. Funny tid bit today though. I went to my WW weight in and lost the exact same amount that you did this week. 1.4 after two weeks of only 1/2 pound it was a rush. Hope you have a good weekend and not to sad of one.

  10. How sad - that really does cloud over all the good things. But congratulations on the weight loss.


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