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Wednesday 27 February 2013

Miss M Quilts

In a previous post, I mentioned that Miss M was making a quilt! *very excited mama here*

Well, I was excited and then........ I wasn't.....WHY? She wanted to make a LONE STAR quilt.  Ehhhhh, not my favourite quilt design and I have never made one (even though my quilting group all made one years ago).  I don't know what it is about the LONE STAR, but it has NEVER appealed to me.

Anyway, I personally thought an easier design would be better for a first quilt. Miss M scoured the internet again and the CHEVRON idea was born.*excited again*

As most Aussie quilters will agree, quilting fabrics are very dear over here.  Quilt Shops charge $22 to $25/m. Alright for me as I love the choice I get from LQSs but a bit much for a student who only earns enough for food and a few essentials.  Luckily we have a shop called East Coast Fabrics which isn't very far away from where we live. Most fabrics are $7.95 and some special fabrics are $9.95/m.  You can see the difference that running your shop from an industrial warehouse with no AC can do for your customers even though it makes for a very unpleasant shopping experience in the heat of Summer.  I buy all my wide, backing fabric here at $15/m.  Even Spotlight can't match these prices.

With no pattern (who needs one for a Chevron really) she bought 2 contrast colours and began to put her quilt together.

   It is interesting to note that I spotted the pink fabric at the FQS, last time I was there browsing.

She was really busy yesterday and pieced together 5 rows.  I think she is doing a fabulous job! What do you reckon?


  1. Looks like your daughter is doing a great job of putting the rows together. She must have a good teacher. Hugs.......

  2. It looks wonderful and she is really moving along, isn't she?

  3. It looks great, and she is getting a lot done! Have fun!


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