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Saturday 2 February 2013


Well it is  really "Spaghetti Junction" that I am working on today but this gorgeous fabric reminded me of a rich, red tomato sauce just right for topping off a bowl of spagetti....Mmmmmm!

I love days like today. It is fairly warm at 31*C but there is a fresh breeze cooling it down and I opened all the windows in my creation station and set to creating.  A good day to start cutting out my blocks for Spaghetti Junction (a February Goal).

Fabrics ready......
Pattern ready.......lets go!

Of course, I have to change things a little if I wanted to make a really big quilt. I was using a layer cake for this projects, which required 81 10" squares  (Damn, I only have 42).  How about I use the layer cake to construct block A and the rich tomatoey fabric to construct block B. So you can see where this is heading, instead of just cutting out the fabric to sew at a later date......I just have to see how it is going to look.....

It is just as well I did this because when it came to joining these two blocks, I realised they did not match up size wise! Measured another layer cake piece and discovered that instead of them being 10"x10", as it says on the packaging, they were 10"x9 3/4".  WHY??? Now I have to adjust the whole pattern.

Here are the two joined together......and then another set back.  I realise I don't have enough of the black spaghetti fabric to make the really big quilt.  I will have to see if it is still available at the shop where I bought it before I can continue.  For now I am planning on making the lap size quilt.

So my lovely Saturday has been spent (between visits from the family and plays/walks with the furbabies)  constructing phase 1 of all block A's.



  1. Darn Darn Darn you are saying to your self - gosh I love the colours etc - hopefully you can get more spaghetti

  2. Your fabrics are lovely. That is a nuisance that you don't have enough. If it isn't long since you bought the fabric, you may be in luck and get some more. Hope so. Hugs.....

  3. Oh, I hope they have your fabric, still.. I'm looking forward to seeing it progress. Love the pattern, and the yummy colors you chose.. hmm.. I'm craving Italian now. ;)

  4. I think I would have given up :( I admire you for sticking with it. Hope you can find more spaghetti. It is going to be a lovely bright and cheery quilt. hugs

  5. it will be worth it in the end Cath,love the fabrics you have chosen,good luck on getting some more spaghetti.xx

  6. I feel your frustration , I have come across similar problems with the jelly roll as well as the charm packs , not always cut perfect which doesn't seem right for what we pay for them. Interesting quilt pattern and I do like your fabrics. Hope you are able to get the fabric you are short on.

  7. How frustrating! I hope you can pick up more of the fabric. It looks great so far and the fabrics are lovely! Enjoy your day!

  8. Hope you can find some more fabric!
    I love the bright red!

  9. Yummy colors. The pattern terrifies me. I can't imagine adjusting all the measurements etc...makes my head hurt. I bow to your superior skill! :)

  10. Oh drats and spaghettio's!!! What's going on with that pattern?
    Hope you can find more of that fabric and hope you can make that
    pattern work out. It will be a nice quilt though. Good luck.
    Cheers, Anita.

  11. Very striking, look forward to seeing the finished project.


  12. Wow, good work Cath, I look forward to seeing this one progress!

  13. Love your quilt so far - fingers crossed that you can grab some more fabric! Thanks for visiting my blog...J

  14. Love that black up against the bright reds,yellows....etc. Hope you are able to sew away without anymore problems.

  15. I forgot to leave a message on today's post how much I love your colors, will you be able to find some more of the dots? Maybe online? I really like how it is shaping up!

  16. I love this pattern and the fabrics you are using! I have this book. This quilt is on my "want to make" list. I have sew many projects going right now that I shall have to enjoy yours for now. Thanks for sharing :)

    Thanks also for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower. Always nice to meet a new quilty friend ... :)Pat


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