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Tuesday 28 February 2012

Tuesday Treasure - Pets

Following in the steps of Melody and Sue B, I want to share my pet dogs with you.

I have had dogs in my life ever since I can remember. My first dog was Juno, a boxer.  We got her when my family moved to Zambia and I was about 3 years old. My dad knew a farmer who was selling up and moving on and he had a dog and a cat that he wanted to find good homes for.  My dad took both. The cat, Blackie, died after about a year from a poisonous lizard and 4 years later when dad's work contract was over, we found a home for Juno with some good friends and got lots more photos of her through the years as we travelled for dad's work.

Growing up there was Monty, Bucksy, Tammy, Sally, and Bruce.  And then I got married, had a baby and moved to Australia. Hubby was not a dog man but I thought the kids would like a dog and talked him into it.  A friend gave us Bella, an abused Golden Retriever that needed a home. That didn't turn out well and I reluctantly had to return her 6 wks later (no fault of Bella's) and then along came Jazzy, an American Cocker spaniel.  After a year I came across another Golden Retriever that need a home (we had to have 2 dogs!!!). And that is when Amber came to live with us.  She was 18months at the time and turned into the most gorgeous dog ever.  These two dogs grew up with my kids but Amber was always the one that they played with the most (Jazzy was really a sloth). Jazzy died when she was 10 which was a relief as by then she was totally deaf and pretty blind. Amber stayed with me till the ripe old age of 15 (really good for GR's) It was a great loss when I had to have her put down and I sobbed unashamedly at the vet until I saw all the people staring at me in the waiting room.  That dog left the biggest paw print on my heart!
My beautiful girl Amber

Amber with puppy Callie
How I came to own Callie is a cute story....It was just before Christmas, 5 years ago, and I needed stamps for my Christmas cards so I left miss M shopping for jeans (or whatever) and trotted off to the post office.  Of course the post office is next to the pet shop and I always have a peek. Well on this particular day, there were two labrador pups in the window.  Common sense got the better of me and half an hour later, I rang miss M to say she better meet me at the pet shop because I had bought a puppy! What about the stamps? well they had to wait till another day! Hey, at least I only brought one home. For more on Callie and our new addition, Lila, go to my page titled "Callie and Lila"

5 yr old Callie & 18mth old Lila
Hope you have the joy of pets in your life!



  1. Hi Cath, your story of the sobbing at the vets brought a tear to my eye as I was like this when Penny was put down. They do leave paw prints on your hearts for sure.

  2. Lovely stories of your pets Cath.

  3. Lovely to read your stories... pets become such a big part of our lives...

  4. Lovely post Cath and I get the pawprint on the heart. Glad your household is still full of wagging tails.

  5. Great pet memories. Our pets are a very important part of our lives.

  6. I really enjoyed reading about your dogs , we have labradoodle as well and I have owned three Goldens and they are my favorite breed , beautiful dogs but the labradoodle is also lovely . Thanks for sharing , I did have a look around your blog and love what you do,I'll be back.

  7. Your dogs are beautiful, and I enjoyed your lovely story. All your sewing projects look beautiful too!


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